Be Safe When Running with Headphones On!

Be Safe When Running with Headphones On!

Do you run with headphones on? Personally, I don’t, and I haven’t since I lived in a town that believed sidewalks were optional, and that SUVs have the right of way over the entire road, especially the shoulder where I was running. But I know many friends who do, and I hope they’re careful out there, especially after some recent tragic news out of Dallas, Texas.

Over on the Runner’s World forums, someone shared the news about a young woman out running on a multi-use path, who was wearing headphones and turned left abruptly and went directly into the path of an oncoming bicycle. Tragically, it sounds like she passed away because of her injuries.

Even putting aside potential dangers, headphones while running has been a major source of debate. Famously, the United States Track and Field Association attempted to ban headphones from all certified races, which caused quite the outcry from the iPod toting masses. They reversed the decision partway in 2008, but it’s still a fairly divisive subject.

It’s impossible to say whether wearing headphones made the tragedy in Dallas worse. But it’s a frightening reminder that it’s incredibly important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about. Whether it’s texting while driving, or checking your Garmin watch, or listening to music while you run, there are a million ways to be distracted. Just be careful out there, especially with winter coming!

And now I’m curious. Do you listen to music while you run? Share in the comments your reasons why/why not!

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2 Comments on "Be Safe When Running with Headphones On!"

  1. I love the solitude and quiet peacefulness of my area at 4:30 AM … 🙂

  2. I run listening to podcasts with Apple earbuds set as low a volume as I can hear, and they have the inline volume and play/pause controls, so I can adjust as necessary, and I run with the right ear open when I am on the road. Running on the left side of the road, I only have to worry about the cars I can see anyway. I also run early a.m., so I worry more about being seen than I do about hearing anything coming.

    If a race forbids them, I don’t wear them – unlike many, many others.

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