Review: Charge All Of Your Devices At Once With Arctic C2 USB Charger

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Review: Charge All Of Your Devices At Once With Arctic C2 USB Charger Listen to this article

Review: Charge All Of Your Devices At Once With Arctic C2 USB Charger

I do not know about you, but I have collected quite the array of USB devices.  From iPhones and iPads to battery chargers, it seems that my life is constantly filled with charging via a USB cable.  For a while I did have a wall adapter with a USB port that I could use to charge some devices, but only one at a time, which was not working.  One day, my wife said, “look at all this junk we have sitting here waiting to charge, and you only have one plug?”  After explaining that none of it was junk, I kind of agreed with her.  It was becoming a pain in the neck to charge all of this stuff.  I recently received an Arctic C2 for review and have fixed my problem with one great product.

Review: Charge All Of Your Devices At Once With Arctic C2 USB Charger

Universal Charger for Frequent Travelers

The ARCTIC C2 is perfect travel companions for frequent flyers. The 4 AC plugs cover about 150 countries around the world. With 4 USB ports, this charger is ideal for various USB-powered devices.

Main features

  • 4 interchangeable plugs for America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
  • 4 USB ports for multiple charging
  • Ideal for USB-powered devices
  • 100V to 240V full range input
  • Short Circuit / Over Current / Over Power Protection
  • Compact and light weight

The advantage to having four USB ports on one charger has been fantastic.  The power block only measures 3″ x 2″ x 1″.  This small size makes the unit ultra portable by simply tossing it in a gear bag when headed to work or a long trip.  The C2 is usable virtually anywhere in the world with adapters that can be used in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  I do not travel much, especially internationally, but this charger would be perfect for someone who travels and has a problem charging devices internationally.

Review: Charge All Of Your Devices At Once With Arctic C2 USB Charger

There is not much to the C2 other than it works and works well.  Since I am off coaching most of the time, I was not finding the time to manage switching devices out to make sure they were always charged and was being left with dead iPhone battery backups on game trips which started becoming annoying.  Now, we basically have three IOS cords and a couple of mini-USB ready to be used next to the charger.  We often have both iPhones, the iPad and my Richard Solo 1800 simultaneously charging as we get dinner ready.  The C2 has easily handled multiple devices and charges them near the same time as the supplied charging solutions.  We have not had any problems with low power outputs or charging issues.  This thing just works.

As simple of a product as the Arctic C2 is, it is one of those gadgets that you will wonder how you went so long without.  The small size makes it great to take when on an overnight stay or vacation and the provided adapters makes it a must have for international travelers.  Now, one device can go virtually anywhere in the world and keep your gear at full charge.

Arctic C2 website

MSRP: $26.55

What I Like: Super compact and portable charging solution with 4 USB ports.  Perfect for traveling.

What Needs Improvement: It would be great if a USB cable with multiple adapters came with the product.


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