Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

We’ve been looking for a good bag for my wife’s new laptop.  Her new laptop would not fit into her old bag since she was using a netbook.  When Mobile Edge’s Sumo Messenger Bag came up for review, I jumped at the chance.  Will my wife be happy with this new bag?

I was sent the Sumo Messenger bag in red.  Chalk up one point for Mobile Edge picking a color my wife likes with red being a favorite!

This bag has a ton of pockets on it.  On the exterior there is one on the flap. two on the front panel, one on the back panel and one on each side with one of those made of black mesh.

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

Inside the bag, you have the large laptop compartment that can adjust for smaller lapstops.

There is enough room in the bag to put some books and other items and not feel like you are going to squish the laptop.  There’s also an organizer on the front panel with slots for pens, business cards, a Phone or MP3 pocket with felt lining and other handy pockets.

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

The strap on the Sumo Messenger bag looks like it is made from a material that is similar to a seat belt and has a removable pad with plenty of padding.  It’s not like my favorite strap, the Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Strap, but it’s functional.  Plus there’s a little tab on each side that you can pull up so you can lengthen and shorten the strap very easily.  Once they are locked down, the strap seems to be stable as you carry it with a load.

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

Finally I think the most unique thing about this bag is the design.  There are three colors available of the Sumo Messenger Bag but they all feature a cute little Sumo all over it in the color of the bag.  The Sumo is on almost every part of this bag from the lining to the tags on the straps.  It’s a unique pattern and unless you get up close, you won’t even recognize it as a little sumo.

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

The Sumo Messenger bag is available in Blue, Pink and Red and is only $79.99 direct from Mobile Edge.

M.S.R.P. $79.99

What I Liked: When my wife makes an ooh and ahh noise when I unpack a bag I get in for review, I know I already lost it.  My wife isn’t easy to impress and she loves the bag.  It’s a good thing too as it has a definite feminine flair.

What Needs Improvement: This is a large bag.  I’d like to see the same design scaled down to fit smaller notebooks.

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