Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review

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Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review Listen to this article

Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review

It seems that most of my Blue Plate Specials as well as other games I purchase are puzzle games.  When I am not playing puzzle games, they are often racing or shooting games and almost always contain insane graphics and loud explosions.  Very seldom does a cute game catch my eye.  I saw that Dizzypad was on sale for free and thought it looked interesting, so I downloaded.  To my surprise, I was instantly hooked.  Let’s take a look.

Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review

Escape into your own tranquil pond to see how far you can jump your dizzy frog from pad to spinning pad. Skip pads to earn extra flowers and extend your journey. Unlock new frog skins by earning various awards and compete with others through a local high score and multiple online leaderboards.

The developers describes the game as a cross between koi pond and doodle jump.  How could that combination go wrong?  The premise of the game is simple.  Take the cute little frog and jump from pad to pad.  The pads are of varying distances and are constantly spinning.  A small white arrow indicates the direction the frog will jump from.

Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review

The flowers seen on the top right of the screen indicate your number of lives.  To gain more flowers, skip pads or eat a dragon fly.  The dragon fly moves randomly around the screen, so I have only found getting one through dumb luck.  Skipping pads any time it is possible is crucial to continue the frog’s journey and raise your high scores.  Pads spin at varying speeds as well as different directions.  To jump, simply tap the screen anywhere.  If you are not careful, you will get a small dizzy sensation and lose a few lives at times.  The graphics are gorgeous and tranquil including moving water, the moon reflection and various items under the water.

Dizzypad-Frog Jump Fun for iPhone/Touch Review

One of the goals of Dizzypad is to unlock all of the frog skins.  The new skins are available as you earn new awards and each can be used during game play.  Simple, yet cute game play coupled with beautiful and relaxing graphics make Dizzypad a must play on the iPhone.  An iPad HD version is also available and currently is free in the app store. Sometimes when a game is done right, it does not need crazy game play and 3D graphics.  Every once in a while, a cute frog and pretty water is all that is needed to get players addicted.  Dizzypad keeps it simple and keeps you coming back for more.  Get it here in the app store on sale for free!

What I like: Cute theme with gorgeous graphics and addictive game play.

What could be improved: Add the game to Gamecenter!

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