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December 16, 2010 • Reviews

iPad Case Review: JAVOedge Editor Quantum Case – Thin Is In.


In case you haven’t heard, thin is in. Don’t believe me? Just look at the popularity of the new line of Mac Book Airs. The thinner a mobile device is, the easier it is to carry around. However, protection is important too. Not many of us want to sacrifice shock and impact protection for something that’s a little lighter in our gear bags.

The JAVOedge Editor Quantum case seeks to satisfy both needs. It’s very thin and very light weight yet sturdy enough to provide ample protection from the dings everyday life throws your way.

The outside of the case features a pebbled leatherette material that’s been placed over a polycarbonate shell. JAVOedge is a very eco-friendly company and one that takes great pride in the fact that no animals get harmed in the making of their products. The pebbled texture not only offers a more unique look than traditional smooth leather but it also offers a nice amount of grip as well.


The interior of the case is lined with a material that feels like suede. It’s soft yet tacky so you needn’t worry about your iPad coming out from inside.


You insert your iPad into the right side of the case and it’s held into the case by friction. It’s a tight fit and there’s no way the iPad is going to fall out unless you want it to do so.


Once closed the front flap clamps down via a rigid tab and really does a good job of securing the case closed. So much so that I sometimes found it difficult to open the flap back up when I wanted to access my iPad. I’m confident though that over time the flap would loosen up and opening it would become easier.


While your iPad is inside the case you’ll still have access to all of its ports and buttons. The bottom of the case features cutout like access to both the 30-pin dock connector and the iPad’s speakers.


Since this is a folio style case, on the right side of the case you’ll find the volume rocker and mute switch fully exposed.


Same goes for the top. Most folio cases leave the entire top exposed and but this one is one of the exceptions. The top of the case features one of the notches which serves to hold the iPad inside the case. But the tab is cut out on both sides so you’ll still have full, unrestricted access to the sleep/awake button and the headset jack.


The case is also rigid enough that it allows you to prop up your iPad into a landscaped stand mode.  It’s not the sturdiest of stands though and seems to be best utilized for viewing media as apposed to heavy duty typing.


At only .75 inches thin the JAVOedge Editor Quantum case is one of the thinnest iPad folio cases I’ve tried. It’s a touch thicker than the Apple OEM case but so much nicer. First, the polycarbonate frame offers a decent amount of protection from bumps, short drops and anything that might come in contact with your iPad. And second the pebbled material both looks and feels great.

If you’ve been looking for a minimalistic style case to protect your iPad and want a little style thrown in you’ll definitely want top check out the Editor Quantum case from JAVOedge.

You can learn more about this case by visiting the special product page JAVOedge has set up here.

MSRP: $34.95

What I Liked: Very slim. Good looking.

What Needs Improvement: Sometimes hard to open.

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