Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

We are coming back from my first layoff of the Blue Plate Special since the series began.  Last week the football team I coach for in Texas played for and won the State Championship.  The week was so hectic that I just could not get around to finding apps or writing for that matter.  We have this week off for a much needed Christmas break so I already decided this week’s selection would be a game.  The players and coaches all need some down time to relax and reflect on winning our school’s first state championship.  The selection this week is a Road Rash style racer from Freeverse.  Flick Fishing and Skee-Ball are other Freeverse favorites in my household.  Let’s take a look at MotoChaser.

Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

Wingnuts MotoChaser is a classic motorcycle racing game using the iPhone physics engine to steer.  To start, choose between three characters.  Each character has a different style and bike.  One of the males has a new age style dress and bike while the other male has a style reminiscent of the 1940s.  There is also a female for all the ladies to play as.  I have not been able to find a difference in strengths or speed between the three characters.  I do believe the motorcycles sound a bit different, but that is all I can find beyond appearance.

Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

Once a rider is chosen, the level is chosen next.  There are ten levels, each with a distinct location and style.  Once a level is finished, the next level is unlocked for play.  Each level has a unique track and includes different obstacles that match the level’s theme.  I have found that each level has a unique level of difficulty whether it be the path of the course, the width of the road or the number and size of the obstacles.  All of the levels look great and are entertaining to race.

Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

The controls are simple, yet intuitive.  Press and hold the gas button on the bottom left of the screen to accelerate and keep up the speed.  There is no brake button, but letting off of the accelerator slows the bike down quickly.  I found that the best words to live by in this game are from a dear coaching buddy of mine who is retired, “Speed’s the answer!”  When maneuvering the courses, it is imperative that you stay on the track.  Once you leave the chosen path, the bike slows down considerably causing you to lose precious time.  The only other control utilized is a fist button that will appear on the right of the screen.  It will only be active when a rival rider is next to your bike.  Use it to punch the rider and knock him off path while maintaining your speed.  Just like many racing games, the clock is your competition.  Reach each checkpoint before the time runs out in order to continue in the game.  As the levels progress, this goal becomes much more difficult.

Wingnuts MotoChaser for iPhone/Touch Review

Wingnuts MotoChaser reminds me of the 3D racing games that we all grew up on.  Using the iphone’s accelerometer brings accurate and intuitive driving controls.  Couple this with decent 3D graphics and the game is a winner.  The ten levels should be plenty to keep players coming back over and over.  The game really has the look and feel of the old Road Rash games in which I used to enjoy.  The best part of this game is that it is currently free and can be found here in the app store.  If you come across this review later and it is no longer free, the regular price is just $.99.  A small price to pay for a great racing game.

What I like: Intuitive controls and fun levels in a really great price.

What could be improved: It would be great to see a head to head mode and integrate Gamecenter.

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