CuffLink iPhone Wrist Band Takes the iPod on Your Wrist Too Far

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CuffLink iPhone Wrist Band Takes the iPod on Your Wrist Too Far Listen to this article

CuffLink iPhone Wrist Band Takes the iPod on Your Wrist Too Far

Some of the iPod Nano 6G watch bands look pretty cool. The TikTok and the LunaTik, both Kickstarter projects, have seen a tremendous amount of support and more importantly capital to begin production.

However, this iPhone band is just taking things a little too far.

Over at Kickstarter the band, named the CuffLink, is in need of backers.  The designer is looking to raise $10,000 of capital so she can begun production.

The CuffLink will retail for $34.95 and come in a variety of colors.

Here’s what it’s designer has to say about it.

Hi, I’m Zenda Snyder and thanks for visiting Kickstarter. I designed CuffLink™ when I realized that I, along with many iPhone owners, always seemed to carry my iPhone in my hand instead of in my bag or in my pocket. I felt this was cumbersome and unsafe, so I designed an alternative accessory for iPhone which allows you to wear it securely on your wrist. This new design consists of a silicone wrist band and it’s own iPhone case which connect, pivot, and disconnect very simply and securely. The connection is built into both the case and the band. It’s comfortable, and easy to use. You can see who is calling, texting, or e-mailing without having to carry your iPhone in your hand. You can adjust it to landscape or portrait view by simply pivoting your iPhone while it is attached to your wrist. The band is proportioned well for your wrist and is easy to attach. CuffLink™ is designed to work with iPhone 3G, and iPhone 4.

I could see myself wearing my iPod Nano 6G on my wrist from time to time, but my iPhone 4?  I’m not so sure.

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