Here is Every Password You Will Ever Need!

Here is Every Password You Will Ever Need!

Someone at Gear Diary recently had one of their personal accounts hacked, which should be yet another reminder to everyone that you never know when or why one of your accounts might get compromised. Last year I had an issue with my Facebook account, and several years ago my Steam account got hijacked. It can happen to anyone, anytime … but the passwords you use can help keep you more secure.

Last week there was a interesting infograph about the 20 top passwords of all time. Here is a snip from the graph:

Here is Every Password You Will Ever Need!

Amusingly this week there was an article about a poster for sale called the ‘500 Worst Passwords’.

Here is Every Password You Will Ever Need!

The funny thing was how many of the ‘500 worst’ show up on the ‘top 20’! It made me think of Spaceballs when Skroob was getting the planetary codes from King Roland, which were 1-2-3-4 and Skroob says ‘that is the password on my luggage’!

Have you ever used an insecure password? Have you ever had a ‘strong’ password hacked? What sort of practices do you use in this world of ever more passwords with varying requirements?

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