iPad Accessory Video Review: Waterfield’s iPad Travel Express

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The other day we brought word that Waterfield had just released their latest iPad accessory, the Travel Express. The Travel Express is larger than the company’s iPad sleeves (reviewed here) but smaller than their iPad Wallet (reviewed here). It looked great and the company was kind enough to send one over so we might take a closer look. Once again they have designed a case that looks great and is super function.

Here’s a closer look.

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From Waterfield:

Ticket to Ride. The Travel Express is your all-in-one mobile office solution. Store and protect your iPad, iPad 2, or iPad 2 with Smart Cover, wireless keyboard, cables, power brick and accessories, and you’re good to go anywhere…fast. Soft, scratch-free pockets protect each item from bumps and bruises. A rigid plastic insert keeps the iPad screen intact. The black ballistic case comes with a bold stripe available in six earthy colors. A YKK self-locking zipper gives you extra peace of mind.

Toss this iPad travel case into your bag, and you’re ready to hit the road. Or, add the optional D-rings and strap, and sling it over your shoulder. Then head to work, the train, or your local coffee shop. Everything you need is organized and safe in your Travel Express.

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As is the case with many of Waterfield’s offerings, you can choose to add d-rings to the Travel Express for added flexibility. The company offers to different shoulder straps or you can simply add the d-rings when ordering and use your own strap.

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In place of a written review we thought we might do the review on video so here is our video review of the Waterfield SFBags iPad Travel Express for iPad and iPad 2.

The Travel Express is available for order directly from the Waterfield website. It is proving to be a popular item (for good reason) so there may be a slight delay when ordering. Fortunately, Waterfield tends to be excellent on giving accurate dates when items are backordered. Or to put it another way, you won’t have to wait months and months for a delivery after they charge your card, the way a few companies have made both Judie and me wait and wait and wait.

MSRP: $69, Addition of D-Rings add $5, Straps are either $12 or $22

What I Like: Looks great; hard plastic liner protects iPad screen; Great quality materials and workmanship; Holds “just enough” but not “too much”

What Needs Improvement: When purchased with D-Rings and a strap can appear a bit on the pricey side

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