iAssociate 2 Review

iAssociate 2 Review

When iAssociate came out on the IOS, I played through it and enjoyed the game. Some of my students recently asked if I was playing iAssociate2. I had not been playing and decided to download the free application. The next thing I know, I am trying to figure out word associations literally every spare moment I have. In fact, the game has become somewhat of an infatuation with the students. It is not rare to be sitting in class or walking down the hall and hearing “What is a 7 letter word that goes with crazy, insane and mad?” I am actually glad the kids are playing a game that is requiring some higher level thought. Let’s take a quick look at the game.

iAssociate 2 Review

iAssociate 2 is a word association game that builds upon itself creating a web of words that fills the entire screen. Each level begins with one word and a theme and several words connected to it. Associations are connected with a dotted line and display in a white bubble. Dashes represent the letters in the word along with a number indicating the number of letters. Some words will only have one association while others will have many. Tapping the bubble will bring up the keyboard and a guess can be typed in. Correct letters will remain if they are the first unknown letters. This will help keep the game going since you may type a wrong guess, but the any of the first letters that are correct will stay.

iAssociate 2 Review

The theme of the level will help your mind get started and often somewhat remain the entire level. Do not be surprised when some of the associations go completely away from the theme. The direction some of the associations go is actually pretty amusing most of the time. Some of them get pretty deep and may have multiple words or even short phrases. If you absolutely cannot get a guess on a word there are hints available. Tap on the hint bubble and then the word and the next letter will be revealed. I am actually amazed at how revealing one letter can instantly solve a word I have been stumped on for a long time. Most of the time a difficult discovery will cause you to say, “ahhhh I should have known that.” My only problem with the game is the placement of the buttons. Many times, I hit done on the keyboard and it may not respond immediately, then the next tap will hit the More Levels button taking me away from the game. A minor annoyance, but still there none the less. Each level will have yellow word bubbles which are bonus words. The bonus words will not reveal any letters until the entire word is typed and cannot be solved using hints. You are totally on your own with these words.

iAssociate 2 Review

iAssociate 2 is a free game that will occupy a lot of your free time. If you plow through the game quickly like I do, there are level packs available as in app purchases. The game is tons of fun and will keep you thinking, which is great. There will be times you are stumped and frustrated and others where you are figuring out the words faster than you can type them in. Either way, there is hours of fun to have. Go get the app and the first eight levels here in the app store for free.

What I like: Super addicting game play that will keep you thinking and on your toes.

What could be improved: I have a problem with tapping the done button on the keyboard then tapping the more levels button on accident. A change in location could solve the issue.

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