A Marriage Statistic


Note that the above chart is missing one key slice. In 2004, Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage. No World Wars or other disasters befell the state, but the Red Sox won the World Series! So remember, in the event of same-sex marriage, two people get married AND long-standing bad sports curses break.


(And that really is the most exciting thing that happens. As Dan loves pointing out, Sarah and I are just as boring as every other couple!)

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10 Comments on "A Marriage Statistic"

  1. What does this have to do with gadgets?


  2. Oh noes! Where is THAT on the chart … someone must have doctored the results to hide the fact that gay marriage ruins tech sites! Who knew? Or maybe it is gay marriage ‘outs’ close-minded humorless homophobes? 😉

    I mean, I post non-tech crap all the time – Chernobyl, food stuff, music things, and on and on. Yet it is once it touches on gay marriage there is an issue? Thing is – that chart isn’t really political nor does it push an agenda … it is just funny because it throws into sharp relief the hysteria of anti-gay marriage folks.

    My family reads the local newspaper together every morning and at least every other week there is some nut quoting scripture as a justification for some sort of intolerance … would crack me up if it wasn’t so sad … and widespread …

  3. I hesitate to respond because continuing this discussion is a waste of time, both mine and yours. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. We religious “nuts” get offended just like you do when forced to view opposing beliefs. I say “forced” because I thought I was subscribing to a gadget site. Yay for you for standing up to your beliefs and laughing at the “hysteria of anti-gay marriage folks.” I’m standing up to my beliefs as well. Final words.

  4. Civisi, I fundamentally disagree with your position on this issue (and I suspect many others) but I DO respect your right to hold it.

    Here’s where I DO take issue with your position. You write that you

    “get offended… when forced to view opposing beliefs.”

    That’s pretty much the crux of the issue these days. People get offended simply being EXPOSED to a different perspective. What is offensive about someone saying something you don’t agree with? Seriously. I don’t really care the forum (and this site is LARGELY a tech/gadget site but has never ONLY been that) because that will be irrelevant to anyone who takes the position that merely hearing or reading something with which they disagree if “offensive”.

    That was pretty much the approach in the dark ages and I believe it can produce nothing good.

    Taken to the extreme I would be “offended” by someone who thinks Windows PCs are better than Macs because I disagree with that position. (See, I brought it around to tech even though I disagree with YOU.)

  5. Not the right forum for this post. There are many other avenues with which to discuss this topic. I don’t agree with gay marriage but also think that we should legalize it. Gay marriage will not affect my life negatively in any way, unless I have to start paying out of my own pocket to support it. I know several gay and lesbian couples and believe they have rights, but once again there are more appropriate forums for this post. If you want to change the name of this blog to cover social, biological, political, religious, tech and cultural issues than do that and tech readers can make an informed decision before reading any post from this site.

  6. As it has always been, if it something that we are interested in, we write about it. Hence the OFFBEAT tag, which means if you want to read about tech only, any post with that particular tag may not be the one for you. Enough said.

  7. Very civilized responses. Thank you.

    Judie, I realize you have posts tagged “offbeat,” but your RSS feed includes all posts regardless of tags. That was the focus of my complaint, not the topic of the post.

  8. redifrogger | April 28, 2011 at 9:13 am |

    Judie – wow! – this is the first time I’ve ever seen a controversial topic addressed in such a one-sided way on this website. Completely inappropriate place for this topic. While Carly has never been shy about practicing homosexuality, this is first time I’ve seen an agenda being forwarded. Please remove me as well.

  9. @Civisi — Noted, and I will see what I can do via the feeds to make sure that there is better delineation between off topic and on topic items. I appreciate you calling that to my attention. =)

    @redifrogger — One-sided would imply that comments disagreeing with Carly’s post were being deleted. That hasn’t happened here, nor will it ever. As for what is inappropriate on this site or not, you are more than welcome to make your disapproval known by removing yourself from our RSS. Just as we didn’t have the power to make you subscribe, we don’t have the power to unsubscribe you.

    Onward and upward! =)

  10. Gary Bunker | April 28, 2011 at 3:21 pm |

    I would hate to live in a country where nobody was allowed to offend anyone else. How boring that would be.

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