Pop Goes The Music Diary: Everything Wrong is Wrong Again

Pop Goes The Music Diary: Everything Wrong is Wrong Again

Last year I reviewed Katy Perry’s CD “Teenage Dream “ and said:

Let’s just be honest here: I would bet that Katy Perry spend much more time keeping her body in shape than working on her vocal range, breath control, or pitch. But that is pretty much the point – Katy Perry is a pure pop sugar package: an attractive young woman who gets packed into skimpy, tight-fitting clothes (Daisy-Dukes, bikinis on top?), and sings very catchy songs written by others to work around her limited vocal skills and allow her to perform them live without sounding awful while strutting around the stage.

In short, she represents everything wrong with popular music. In the ‘golden age of movies’, studios had ‘stables’ of actors they could put to use as they saw fit, and it is only in more recent years that actors had the power of independence. Similarly in the music industry artists who wanted control of their own music would find it difficult when contracted to a large label.

However, in the last decade the music industry has consolidated, and as a result they hold a tighter grip on their ‘product’ than ever. The result? No song is ever ‘un-messed with’, and there are constant ‘guests’ on just about every song. The latest formula? A singer and a rapper. It worked once … then twice, now EVERY song is like that.

To the point that in order to fulfill my prediction that they “pitch to whomever decides what sells these days, in order to be able to support a string of hit songs into 2011 so that Katy can still be known in 2012 when her next CD comes along” … and do so by saying ‘hey, let’s add a rapper’. Then they look in the stable and find Kanye West, and presto we have a ‘new take’ on a song so mediocre I didn’t even mention it in my review.

Here is the music video …

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  1. Christopher Gavula | April 28, 2011 at 1:49 pm |

    Pushing a pop package out – a semi-talent who looks good in the suit – isn’t anything new, of course, but I have to agree – it seems that in this age of consolidation, that process seems to be all anyone knows. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be in my car and hear something that is pleasant, but I know, with a certainty, that I won’t remember the name of it or who sings it a year from now.

    Or let’s take it a different way – how many times have you heard something on the radio and think “that sounds just like….”. Yeah – that’s what this market has finally come to. And even when something slightly new or interesting appears, if it is at all popular, it is copied and recopied so quickly that the original gets lost quickly.

    The market is pretty sad these days, with the “Gems” being farther and farther apart and harder to find. It’s so bad that there are things that we call “gems” that we wouldn’t have 5 or 10 years ago. We’ve come to accept mediocrity as the norm.

    There are plenty of publication avenues for independents these days, but there is so much product it is difficult to sift through it all to find things you like. The tools out there are limited and inadequate. So, for people like myself, I find myself delving a lot into my large catalog of music I’ve collected over the years and I spend less time looking for new things – it’s just too much work for too little reward.

    It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed.

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