Mac Accessory Review: Magic Connector for Apple’s Trackpad and Bluetooth Keyboard

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Elana and I are both using our MacBook Air’s as our primary computers and could not be happier. (She has an 11″ and I have a 13″.)


Both of us have Rain Design’s mStand and love the simple, elegant way it raises the laptop up so that the screen is at perfect eye-level. And we both use a Bluetooth keyboard and pointing device. Elana uses Apple’s MagicMouse, and I use a Magic Trackpad. That’s where the issue comes in.

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Having the trackpad and keyboard separate from one another doesn’t work all too well at times. If I move the keyboard I then need to reposition the trackpad so that it is easily accessible and comfortable. And if I want to use the keyboard on my lap… Well forget about that.

Enter the Magic Connector. The Magic Connector is one of those computer accessories that, when it is doing its job, disappears into the background. It works well and now has a permanent place on my desk.

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From the Company:

Freedom and Enhanced Functionality:

-Apple users, experience wireless freedom in a new way.

-Only Magic Connector combines the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into a single unit without adding bulk and preserves the Magic Trackpads right and left click functions!

-This device allows you to break free of the wires of your computer in a comfortable fashion-giving you limitless possibilities.

-When used in conjunction with Apple Magic Trackpad, Magic Connector makes multi-touch commands an easy part of the everyday computing experience.

-Thanks to Magic Connector, you can have unprecedented comfort and convenience even without having your computer in front of you

Impressive Ergonomic Benefits

-The Magic Connector allows you to bring your MacBook up closer to your natural eye level to ease eyestrain.

-The Magic Connector is so easy to use that it will reduce muscle tension and improve posture by allowing you to have your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position.

-Let your body relax by computing wherever and whenever you want.

-Reduce muscle tension by using your keyboard and mouse in a posture that works well for your body

Quality of Design, Concept and Engineering

-The Magic Connector delivers an array of benefits without adding extra bulk.

-Only the finest natural materials are used in the construction of the Magic Connector.

-Reconfigures for right OR left handed users in about 5 seconds.

-Clever design and engineering means that Magic Connector can be easily removed and is not permanently affixed.

-Thanks to an exhaustive and detailed design process, Magic Connector is compatible with many Apple products.

– Magic Connector comes is a variety of specialized models, so you are guaranteed to find one that is right for you and your needs!

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This is how I want the keyboard and trackpad to be arranged.

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Although at times I might want the trackpad on the opposite side. The Magic Connector makes this move a simple one that takes all of three seconds.

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The accessory sits beneath the keyboard and trackpad and is designed for the keyboard to be placed, and held, either on the right…

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Or on the left.

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The key to this system are the small rectangles along the top of the Magic Connector.

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At first I thought these were just small adhesive strips. That made no sense to me since, regardless of whether the keyboard is on the left or the right, there will always be one battery door that is blocked if the keyboard and trackpad are aligned. If the keyboard and trackpad were permanently affixed this would be an issue the first time the batteries ran down. There are not, however, adhesive strips. At least they are not ONLY adhesive strips.

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No, these small rectangles are strong magnets. One side is permanently part of the Magic Connector.

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The other side is attached to the bottom of the trackpad or keyboard with adhesive.

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From there you simple place the keyboard on whichever side you choose and then place the trackpad down next to it.

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Like the iPad 2’s Smart Cover the magnets pull the keyboard and trackpad into perfect alignment.

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It is just about as simple and elegant approach as I could imagine.

And because nothing is permanently attached, you can use the Magic Connector to make one seamless keyboard/trackpad accessory when you want it and not use it when you don’t.

This is a simple product that comes at a good, accessible price point of under $30. When it is doing its job you don’t even notice it is there… And that is the whole point.

You can buy it now from the Website.

MSRP: $26.95

What I Like: Does an invisible job of turning the keyboard and trackpad into a single unit; lets you use the trackpad on the left or the right; lets you not use the Magic Connector at all if the need arises

What Needs Improvement: I would like it to ship with spare magnets so that I could get and use a new trackpad or keyboard if need be

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