The Next Innovation in Photography Could be Just Around the Corner Thanks to Lytro.

The Next Innovation in Photography Could be Just Around the Corner Thanks to Lytro.

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Digital photography seems to be stagnating a little.   Yeah there is High Dynamic Range photography, but that requires either an iPhone or some photo editing skills that are above the skills of most people.  Other than that, little has changed other than megapixel ratings.  Lytro aims to change that soon with their new light field camera.

What makes Lytro’s camera so special?  Well imaging taking a picture and not being concerned about having to actually focus?  That sounds like it may make for a bad picture.  So when do you focus?  You focus after.  That’s right I said after.  This is possible thanks to the software Lytro will include with the camera and to the light field capturing technology they are using.

You can check out some of the demos on the Lytro website.  They are simply amazing and brings to mind scenes from CSI or Blade Runner.

Also, CNET’s Buzz Out Loud Episode 1479 had Lytro’s Founder and CEO Ren Ng Ph.D. on their show to talk about the camera.  In that interview, Ren Ng says that the camera will be out this year and will be priced competitively for the consumer market, but no definite pricing at this time.

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  1. Another start-up, Pelican Imaging, is trying to put a “shoot now, focus later” camera in a cell phone.

    I’m fascinated that start-up companies are leading the charge with this technology rather than the big boys. It obviously has photographers excited, so why are they having to raise money to start a new company? You’d think Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, etc. would be all over this. And if not, why haven’t they bought one of these companies out and started on the road to mass production?

  2. Joel McLaughlin | June 25, 2011 at 10:51 am |

    I hope someone does as this is really cool stuff. I can’t wait to take pics with something like this.

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