The Twitter-sphere: None of You Have Any Friends!

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The Twitter-sphere: None of You Have Any Friends! Listen to this article

The Twitter-sphere: None of You Have Any Friends!

I use Twitter, but there are times when I have to wonder if (or why) anyone cares about my random musings and shared links. Of course, my rationale for using Twitter in the first place is that many of my friends are all over the country (if not the world), and this is a great way to keep in touch.

Mitchell sent this video to me, and I couldn’t help but laugh; although it was posted in March I hadn’t yet seen it, and I figured that might be the case for some of you, too. Peppered with offensive language and definitely a bit rude (and therefore possibly very NSFW), this SuperNews! video is spot-on in several aspects; it takes on everything that is wrong with Twitter and even invokes the fail-whale.

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