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August 17, 2011 • News

Proof Psychedelia Is Alive and Well: Llamas with Hats

If you have kids in the tween to teen years, you likely experience the ‘world according to YouTube’. It has been shown before that YouTube is a leader in how kids see and interpret the world – they listen to music on YouTube, watch movies through clips, get comedy and trends there, and experience new content before it hits anywhere else.

Anyway, one of big things that kids love on YouTube are micro-episodes – shorts that are a couple of minutes long and generally a bit off-kilter in terms of content. A couple of classic and well-known examples are Charlie Bit My Finger and Charlie the Unicorn. (What is with all the ‘Charlies’?)

About a year after Charlie the Unicorn, SecretAgentBob created a new series called Llamas With Hats. It centers around two character … llamas … wearing hats. And their escapades, which generally center around Karl and his violent tendencies.

Well … just watch! These are more appropriate for tweens and teens, as there are drawings implying blood and death shown.

Yes it is nonsensical, but just TRY to get it out of your head! And, of course, there are multiple episodes!

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