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I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, the iPhone and the iPad are like eRorschachs; the device and what it can do changes depending upon what app you are using. Want a school device? It is one. Want a good GPS? It can handle it. And the list goes on and on. And as the iPad becomes useful in more and more settings the accessories that make it even better matter more and more. Belkin understands that the iPad is a great device for the kitchen at Pepcom’s Holiday Extravaganza I got a first hand look at three of the ways it can be even better. As Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management for Belkin’s mobility division explains,

The iPad and other tablets open up a whole new world in the kitchen and we are just now beginning to unlock their potential as the next must-have kitchen gadget. We’re excited to unveil products that will make life in the kitchen easier for everyone from professional chefs and bakers to moms and kitchen novices.

So what are the three newest iPad accessories? Here’s a quick rundown.


The $39.99 Chef Stand + Stylus

Kitchen-safe and made for use with messy hands, the Chef Stand + Stylus allows you to scroll through recipes without getting your iPad 2 dirty. The product features dual angles for easy viewing and a non-slip rubber base, perfect for combatting slippery countertops.

The magnetic tip of the stylus wakes up the iPad 2 while the stylus protects the device from dirty hands and messes. It is hand-washable, case-compatible and will work with most tablets.

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The $39.99 Fridge Mount

The Fridge Mount allows you to keep your to-do list up-to-date and grocery list handy. Maximum-strength 3M™ Command™ Strips snap the iPad 2 firmly in place and attach securely to the fridge without damaging surfaces when removed. The minimalist design stylishly keeps the iPad 2 safe and secure.

The Fridge mount is easy to install and doesn’t require tools needed. Tablets slide in and out with ease and it is compatible with 7–10″ tablets and even works with most cases.

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The $49.99 Kitchen Cabinet Mount

Created to help free up valuable counter space, the Kitchen Cabinet Mount helps keep your tablet in view and securely suspended on any cabinet or shelf. It can be easily installed, removed, and stored.

Like the Fridge Mount it is easy to install, compatible with 7–10″ tablets and works with most cases. Better still, because it is not a permanent mount it is easy to remove and store.

If you have an iPad or similar tablet any or all of these new products from Belkin can make the device even more usable in even more places. We hope to have reviews on each some time soon.

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  1. Peter Barker | August 1, 2012 at 9:13 am |

    I currently only use the cabinet mount, and find that to be one of the best kitchen accessories that I own. Would like to know other peoples opinion of the fridge mount

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