The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 “Zero Series” Case Review

The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 "Zero Series" Case Review

Here’s a simple stunner that may convince you to ditch your bulky iPhone 4 case. Beyzacases has come out with a new “Zero Series”, which has to be some of the thinnest — yet most sumptuous — leather I have everhandled.

Why “Zero”?

Zero Series are the thinnest genuine leather cases ever made in the market. Beyzacases quality meets with magnificent art of traditional leather craftsmanship and the engineering of Beyzacases artists.

“Zero” term comes from the thinness of the craftsmanship of the Zero Series which does not add any bulk to your carrying experience in any terms. Zero Series for iPhone 4 can be carried in your bag or pocket without any fear of thickness. World’s thinnest leather case “Zero Series” for iPhone 4 provides you an amazing protection while secures your iPhone 4 in this awesome design.

The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 "Zero Series" Case Review

It’s been some time since I reviewed a Beyzacases product, and so I was taken aback when I opened a package containing three of their new items, this iPhone 4 case, the Zero Series MacBook Air Case and the iPad 2 Executive 2 Case, which I’ll cover in later posts. Beyza has always made fantastic products, but at some point between now and the last review I did, they completely upped their game. Ali and company have managed to create leather accessories that literally made me gush when I opened their box, so much so that I replied to an email from Dan with two words: CALL ME!!!

Now comes the hard part, because without being able to put this little gem into your hand, I am going to have to try to recreate the experience for you. First of all, there is the smell … nothing but delicious leather, which is as it should be. Then there is the pebbly grained Togo leather; it is so incredibly thin and light that it would be lusciously floppy on a larger piece. [As I write this, I am envisioning a purse made of this leather … light as a feather, floppy and unconstructed, and impossibly supple. But I digress.]

The interior of the sleeve-style case is lined in a soft red Alcantara fabric [which is like a man-made suede], similar to the lining on some of the special series Louis Vuitton bags. This lining will protect the iPhone from scratches. The red contrasting stitching on the case’s exterior is perfectly placed and really looks fantastic on the jet black leather background. An almost imperceptible Beyzacases logo is embossed on the bottom right.

The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 "Zero Series" Case Review

On the back, “beyzacases” is embossed in silver. I am not going to dock them for this, because the silver looks beautiful; but if you absolutely hate it, I suspect it might come off with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I would leave well enough alone. 😉

 The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 "Zero Series" Case Review

There is a half-moon cutout at the bottom so that you can push the iPhone up to remove it from the case. And it should go without saying that once you remove the iPhone from this case, you are on your own … no screen protection, no drop protection, no scratch protection. As long as you are good with that, you should be A-OK.

 The Beyza Cases iPhone 4 "Zero Series" Case Review

If you are someone who subscribes to Tim Cox’s way of thinking, that the iPhone doesn’t need a case, because “a case doesn’t allow me to experience the iPhone. It just means I’m using a bulkier, less attractive iPhone,” but you worry about what happens when your sleek iPhone is jangling around in your pocket or bag … right next to your keys or loose change, then this will be the perfect item for you.

If you essentially want to put your iPhone inside its own sleek leather glove when it is not in use, then you will absolutely love everything about this Beyzacases Zero Series offering.

The Beyzacases iPhone 4 “Zero Series” Case is available directly from the manufacturer; it is available in black, red, tan, white, and brown.

MSRP: €24.95

What I Like: Absolutely gorgeous black Togo leather with red contrasting stitching and red Alcantara lining; the lightest and thinnest case I’ve yet seen for the iPhone — it’s like a fine glove or second skin

What Needs Improvement: Just don’t drop your iPhone when it isn’t in the case, okay? 😉

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  1. A nice option for iPhone owners. At this point it seems like there’s an accessory for any taste out there, it’s just a matter of finding them.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of not having a legitimate case on an iPhone or iPod, but this definitely has swayed me a little. The case reminds me of a gun holster, which to me is very cool, and the leather design is very sleek.

  3. Beyza produces class cases, I love this leather design

  4. A nice option for people like me who rarely, if ever, drops the phone and just wants scratch protection.

  5. Haven’t tried a leather case yet but this one is slick.

  6. This is a nice sophisticated design, but the red stitching keeps it from looking to “corporate.”

  7. QUESTION FOR AUTHOR: I am very soon going to buy a clip on case for the top and bottom of my macbook air 11@lloydv:disqus 
    , adding very little (2-3mm) of thickness. Would I be able to slide the MBA into this sleeve with the extra clip on case (extra 2-3mm thicker)?

  8. Branden Wilson | February 29, 2012 at 9:10 pm |

    Really like the iphone one

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