iPad 2 Case Review: ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case with Stand ‘Prestige’ Crocodile Sportism Series

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This is the second of two iPad 2 cases from ZENUS that we are reviewing. This time out we are looking at the ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case with Stand ‘Prestige’ Crocodile Sportism Series, a pearl white folio-style case made of leather that is embossed in a manner that makes it look like crocodile skin. Here’s a closer look.



ZENUS ‘Prestige’ Crocodile Sportism Series has its unique contemporary style by using bold lines and colors on the pressed cowhide that resembles ‘gator hide’ which has a touch of exotic crocodile skin to enhance its luxury appeal and style. Its sustainability, creativity, and practically refined design will suggest a refreshed style for your iPad 2 device.

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Customized mold gives superior grip, accentuating the iPad’s compact, slender design.

Follows the trend with luxury crocodile texture.

Stable and watertight product protection.

Ergonomic detailing to maximize the convenience of operation.

Convenient viewing angle can be adjusted by the folding stand.

Raw Materials: Outer: 100% Genuine leather; Inner: 5mm Soft Chamude

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The case has a minimalist design that lets you carry and protect your iPad 2 without adding a tremendous amount of weight or bulk. As you will see, the iPad simply sits in the right side of the case.

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What is not easy to see in a picture is that the edges of the right side of the case turn inward a bit at some points. These “grab-points” are what actually holds the iPad in place.

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Here’s a closer look.


When the iPad is in the case it displays some gaps between the iPad and the case itself. At first I thought this was the result of poor design but it quickly became clear that it was not to case at all. No, the reason for the “gaps” is that the iPad “pops” out of one side and that side becomes a stand for the device. It is an unusual, as well as effective, approach even if it does only give one angle for viewing.

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In all the case has a nice design and stands out from the crowd with regard to both design and function. Personally I’m not a huge fan of this kind of stripe but I know many are. Yes, the case has an MSRP of $89.99 but that is not unreasonable for a leather iPad 2 case, especially when it has a unique look. You can learn more about the ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case with Stand ‘Prestige’ Crocodile Sportism Series and order for yourself here on the company website.

MSRP: $89.99

What I Like: Looks unique; Cool built-in stand feature; All leather; Minimalist design adds little weight or bulk

What Needs Improvement: Stand design means there are some gaps between the iPad and the case itself; Not my style but may be yours

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