Apple Talk’s iPhone… Here’s What We Heard

Apple’s big day is finally here. As the news comes in we will be updating this post with the latest and greatest news. Analysis and commentary will follow.


The rumor mill has been more active than ever. With Apple not bringing out a new iPhone last spring there is more pent up demand and excitement than we can remember. Still, it does look as if Apple has tried to dampen expectations a bit as today approached. Is this because they have less to show or is it that they want to “wow” us with a surprise? We will all know shortly.

And here we go! We’d like to thank Slashgear, This Is My Next (Verge), Engadget and GDGT for the following photos …

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

This announcement is coming from the Apple campus- Town Hall. It was here that the iPod was launched.

Today the focus is on hardware, software and the INTEGRATION of the two.

“Apple has tremendous momentum” DUH!

357 stores in 11 countries.

Products are the core-

Mac and OS X Lion

6,000,000 copies of Lion downloaded already. (I figure the App Store helps with adoption!)

Comparing adoption rate to Windows 7… (WHY???)

MacBook Pro and iMac are biggest sellers in US.

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

23 percent growth in last year

Means 77% potential growth area. (LOL)



Launched just 11 years ago

Over 300 million iPods sold

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

45 million iPods from July 2010 to June 2011 and almost half of people buying very first iPod

iTunes- 20,000,000 songs, 16 billion songs downloaded.


1Phone 4 is over half the iPhone market, 125% year over year

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Apple #1 in customer satisfaction, next closest is HTC at… 49%!!

Has 5% of the world market- tons of room for growth


iPad is changing the way teachers teach, kids learn (and rabbis preach. Just saying’)

95% satisfaction rate

Used by pilots, doctors and nurses etc. (The device is finding its way into every setting.)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

92% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying them

Have passed 1/4 billion sales mark (holy crap)

and it is only out 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!

iOS and App Store

500,000 apps in the iTunes App Store

140,000 of them for iPad

18 billiob apps downloaded. 1 Billion a month (And remember- the iPhone launched without apps at all!!!!)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Developers have been paid over 3 Billion dollars

A new app for today lets you create and mail cards right from the iPhone or touch. (Awwww!)

FROM Apple- $2.99 sent in US, $4.99 elsewhere. (and the Apple money machine picks up steam!)

iOS 5 

(I’ve been using since Beta 1 and trust me, it is a BIG DEAL!!!!)100,000 developers have had it

200 new features

Notifications- (Works great, love the drop down menu of items and the ability to control what notifies and how)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

iMessage- (Nice but unless everyone you know is on an iOS device it is limited.)

Twitter Integration- (love this. seamless and easy to use globally on the device)

Reminders- (work great and are super for general, light task lists)

Newstand- (Yawn… who wants to be locked into one platform for content?)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Camera- (new features are killer and with the 8mp camera we are about to hear about…)

Picture Editing- (LOVE THIS!)

Game Center- (yawn…)

Safari- (addition of reader is great, especially on the iPad. Stripping away all the formatting is super.)

PC Free- (about time!)

And there’s lots more to come (I WANT VOICE!!!!)



Over 1/3 of iTunes purchases are made on mobile devices

iTunes in the Cloud- (With iCloud you buy it on one device and, if you turn on the setting, it will automatically download that item to all your devices. It is really slick!)

Photo Stream- (This is one awesome picture. You take a picture on one device and it shows up on all of them. AND Apple stores a certain amount on iCloud for free.)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Docs in the Cloud- (the first time I tried it and something I created in Pages on the iPad just showed up on my iPhone I was like “NOW THIS is the way it should be!)

Backups- (When it finally started working for me I was like “Wow”)

NOTE: we are 45 minutes in and EVERYTHING has been a recap of what we know.

Launching “Family and Friends”– (FourSquare is crying.)

 Works automatically but you can control when it stops sharing

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Simple privacy controls (Unlike Facebook’s privacy settings!)

iTunes Match

Also not news to us. (I’ve been using the Beta and it is very slick!)

Scans, matches your tracks then makes the available. (All stuff we know)

 iCloud is a BIG DEAL. And if it works properly (yeah I’m talking to you MobileMe) it will be a huge step forward. And so far it seems pretty solid to me in Beta.




nano- UI change that offers bigger icons, built-in fitness sensors (smart since this is a ket use for it), 16 new watch faces, 8GB $129, 16gb $149. Available today.

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

iPod touch- (it is now the most popular portable gaming device) white version, 8GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB 399. Available October 12


iPhone 4S

 Has A5 chip

Looks just like the 4 but “inside is all new)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Up to 2X faster

Dual-core graphics which are 7X faster

8 hrs talk, 6 hours browsing, 10 hours video 40 hours music

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Has two antennas and the ability to switch between them. Improves data speeds significantly, doubles downloads

Dual GSM/CDMA device (as expected)

8MP camera (as expected), 1/3 quicker camera

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Face Detection on camera (point and shoots are officially dead)

Time to first show is just 1.1 second, to next shot is .5 seconds

Video- 1080p, video image stabilization, noise reduction

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

“To many customers this will be the best still camera they have ever owned and the best video camera they have ever owned.” (Very true)

AirPlay Mirroring is coming to the iPhone 4S- wired or wireless (this is a GREAT feature from what I have seen with the iOS 5.0 Beta)

iPhone 4S is “all new” on the inside


SIRI- Intelligent Assistant (This is really the big news today. The integration of voice that really works is HUGE)

Siri on speed and baked into the device and they are calling it- Siri!

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

This is really huge and, clearly from the demo, it works beautifully (not a surprise)

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

WOW!- “Remind me to call my wife when I leave work” Yields a new reminder that uses his wife’s name (because Siri knew it already) and sets up a geo-fence around work so that when he leaves it trips the reminder. THAT IS AMAZING



PRICE- 16GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB 399

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

iPhone 3GS –  Free with 2 year contract

iPhone 4 – $99  for 8GB with a 2 year contract

Pre-order the iPhone 4S on Ooctober 7th, it will be available on October 14

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard

Are you getting one?

Apple Talk's iPhone… Here's What We Heard



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31 Comments on "Apple Talk’s iPhone… Here’s What We Heard"

  1. I am eager to read update on iPhone 5..  From morning this my 7-8th visit on site.

  2. Gear Diary and Apple products…they go together like “Ice…cold…beer!” 😉  It will be interesting to hear everyone’s take here on the latest from Apple.

  3. developer — 3billion.. imagine how much apple have taken at home :).

  4. With regard to the iPhone 4s (so called), in my experience, you release something like an iPhone 4s because you are experiencing worse delays on your next Big Revision than you thought you would, and you know you have to put out *something*, so you release an interim upgrade to shut everyone up. To me, this sounds like the iPhone 5 is delayed until next June.

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  6. I can see good enough reason to upgrade from an iPhone 4, though: 64GB, 8 megapixel camera, faster processor speed and better battery life. 

    I’m in! =)

  7. Yep – once again Apple broke the internet.

    Folks might express disappointment about many things, but the reality is that even after a year the iPhone 4 is a more attractive option than almost all Android devices for an awful lot of people, so this update will really help that – and the low priced older versions will also help!

    And now I feel better about just giving my older son a 32GB Touch for his birthday on Sunday … 🙂

  8. Mine has been happy with his 16GB iPod…it’s practically implanted in him.  Implanted until Darth Dad’s router invokes the 8pm internet cutoff. 
    I tried to steer my wife to an iPhone, but to her, the free Samsung Focus was a better option, plus she liked the Office integration that she uses for work.  Meh, I’m happy with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows…I guess I’m an OS agnostic. 😉

    I wouldn’t mind having an iPhone 4 to experiment with, or heck, even a 3GS to study, though. In the interests of (my personal) science.

  9. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 5:42 pm |

    Agreed on all the points you listed, Judie. I also like:

    – CDMA and GSM (could use VZW in the US, but GSM when international)
    – LOVE Siri voice recognition. That is ultimate for me and Dan both.

    Battery life and the 64 GB is great; camera and dual-core processor are also great, but expected upgrades.

    Having said that, I _probably_ won’t upgrade. Will hold out for the iPhone 5, which will have all that and more. _Probably_ won’t upgrade. _Probably_ won’t upgrade. _Probably_ won’t upgrade.

  10. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 6:03 pm |

    In addition to my excitement on some of the features on the iPhone 4S above, I wanted to mention a few other things I’ve noticed from coverage (as I haven’t watched the keynote yet):

    – Found it interesting that Tim Cook wore a black button-up shirt and jeans. A variation/homage to the Steve look? Wonder if he’ll keep it up. Will he wear the same outfit all the time, like Jobs does?

    – Since the iPhone 4S is the same form factor as the iPhone 4, accessories/cases will all work. Wait until the iPhone 5 before we expect any major difference in form factor.
    – Like that a MicroUSB charger will be available. Not sure if it’s Europe-only or if we will eventually be able to get it in the US. (via MacRumors)

    – Like the new watch faces on the iPod nano, especially the new Mickey Mouse analog watch face.
    – How can other companies compete with the iPod Touch 8GB $199 price point? The Galaxy Player 4 is $229 and does have a 4″ screen, but … it’s not an iPod Touch. And that’s what most people want.

  11. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 6:06 pm |

    Yes, in my comment further down, I also appreciated the form factor allowing accessories to work. If they continue that pattern, I think it is actually better on their accessory manufacturer ecosystem.

    I hope Siri works on the iPad 2 as well. A bit disappointed that they don’t truly have high-speed data on this device, but I guess that’s what the iPhone 5 will be for. 🙂

    I will either hold off on the iPhone 4S, or will get an unlocked one so I can use it everywhere.

  12. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 6:12 pm |

    Hey! Hey! Where’d all this hate come from? Or is it jealousy? 🙂

  13. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 6:23 pm |

    What about the Nexus Prime on Verizon? And “insert any Android phone on T-Mobile here” too? You two are bad for my pocketbook. 🙂

  14. Actually, I was surprised when the original iPhone 4 didn’t have a 64GB option; seemed like it would have been a fine companion to the 64GB iPad.

  15. I really see this as a nice upgrade and although many will bitch that the phone doesn’t look different I actually appreciate the fact that my cases and accessories still work.
    The big deal here is, and I know people who know me will be shocked by this 🙂 the voice recognition. BUT I see no reason this would not work on the iPad 2 and… it is not part of the iOS 5.0 Gold Master. The only reason to hold access to this back from the iPad 2 is that it will encourage us all to upgrade when the next gen comes. That ticks me off. Of course I’ll get the iPad 3 but to have all this functionality on the iPhone and not on my iPad…. waaahhhhh!!!

  16. You will totally upgrade, Thomas. You are as bad as I am. 😉

  17. Yeah, I am truly bummed about not having the same function on my spiffy (somewhat) new iPad 3G that I’ll have on my iPhone 4S. Ah well … they have to give you a real reason to want to upgrade, other than just because something is new. Right? =P

  18. Nope… He’s worse than us… By far

    Sent from my iPad

  19. Just talking truth. Hehe. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  20. There wasn’t the space before the new, higher density chips came out. Its been discussed a great deal elsewhere.
    Sent from my iPod

  21. Yeah Thomas, you’ve *never* been part of the influencing. 😉

  22. Nevah!!!!

    Sent from my iPod

  23. Didn’t mean to imply we didn’t; just saying what I thought at the time.

  24. Thomas R. Hall | October 4, 2011 at 8:13 pm |

    Also, Apple does everything with a purpose. I enjoyed that they used a Ray Charles song and showed a sight-impaired user in the Siri video.

  25. It *is* a temptation, I must admit.  But resist, must I!  (Being that I’m unemployed and all.)  [imagine that last part in Yoda’s voice.]

  26. I know. 🙂
    I’m just excited to finally have that much local storage available.

    Sent from my iPod

  27. Francis Scardino | October 5, 2011 at 7:55 am |

    From the Android Enthusiast perspective I am slightly disappointed. I think the mobile market relies on Apple to keep the industry fresh and on the cutting edge of available technology. The upgrades implemented to the iPhone 4S are quite impressive, but where I think more consideration should have been put was in 4G/LTE/WiMAX, and a new screen. I have no doubt that these will be opening features of the iPhone 5, but I see zero excuse for not having fast data speeds integrated so late in 2011. That means that Sprint and Verizon customers will be on the same old 3G and not making good use of the new technology that has been on “other” platforms for the past year. 
    Despite my opinionated and partially biased setbacks, I know that even though no iPhone 4 owner is officially ready for an upgrade, they will be knocking down doors at their local mobile store to pick one up anyway. At least for now I feel that HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola are sleeping a little better knowing that Apple is playing a little catch up to the current specs in the industry. 

  28. Dino here’s the issue… Apple wanted this phone on as many networks as possible and, right now, there isn’t enough consistent 4G coverage to really blanket enough people who want the iPhone. My bet is that if it was 4G people would bitch and moan about the spotty, limited 4G access and it would be more of a headache.
    I really think this comes down to the same issue we have with battery life- the mobile technology has moved so far ahead and neither the battery technology or the network coverage is quite up to it. YET.

  29. Francis Scardino | October 5, 2011 at 9:58 am |

    I see your point. But I would bet most would appreciate having it and not being able to use it than not having it all. 4G on all three networks is spotty, but in almost every major city it is alive and well. Sure ATT customers will get the HSPA (up to 14.4), but Sprint and Verizon should have that shot too. If the hardware is in there and disabled, that would be different. But when “your” city goes live with LTE or 4G and you just bought a phone that does not support it, then that sucks.

    The difference between 3G and the current 4G/LTE/HSDPA+ is quite a huge difference. I’m not saying this is fully a deal breaker, but no one likes to go backwards, only forward. 4G has been out for over a year now in some markets, and I would imagine if that’s what the carriers ordered or pushed, then that’s what they would have gotten (why I don’t know). All 4 carriers now “boast” 4G of some sort, so it still puzzles me why this powerhouse of a phone left it out completely on all markets. Mobile devices now stream almost everything and carriers push it more than anything else. From TV, to Movies, Music, Games, and Video, 4G is not just an option but a necessity. There is simply not enough open or free WiFi to rely solely on it for all these great services. 

    If you check out the carrier maps and promised coverage, 4G is lighting up daily. Philly now has 42Mbps (T-Mobile) and as I understand a phone may never actually see that, I am looking forward to what the SGSII will do with the supporting chipset. Android and soon Windows Phone will both have 4G in every market, while iPhone customers will be waiting for the next announcement in 2012. 

    Again all just the thoughts of a non iPhone user, mostly just confused on why this was not pushed forward. 

  30. Thomas R. Hall | October 5, 2011 at 4:24 pm |

    I can see your point, Francis. But I will say that most of the truly 4G phones (LTE) aren’t very battery efficient… Yet. But then, that always happens when a new network technology comes out and the chipsets aren’t yet optimized. It’s what we get for being “early adopters”. So I’m guessing in a year or two, the LTE chipsets will be more power efficient. Same thing happened with 3G and even with EDGE when they first came out. T-Mobile is using “3G” technology, which had theoretical maximums that are now being reached, but then again, the chipsets are more mature. (Don’t get me wrong – I love T-Mobile’s approach and LOVE the speed I get on their network.)

    I think part of the reason why Apple didn’t go that route is the same reason they released the first iPhone without 3G. The network wasn’t quite there yet, and the chipsets were immature. I had 3G smartphones and they were fast, but I had to keep them plugged in or drop them down to EDGE to keep a battery I could use all day. Even now with 3G, I get maybe 9 hours out of a phone before I get low battery warnings. With 4G phones I’m getting 5 hours, tops.

    Having said that, I completely agree that there is NO excuse not to have a larger screen, and even better battery life. With the screen size increase, yes, they need more power for the screen, but with good screen technology and a larger overall form factor, we could have had a much bigger battery in the device. No excuse for that. Samsung has GREAT (large) screen technology and decent form factors. I see them becoming the big competitor, though I still like HTC build quality more.

  31. Thomas,

    I agree in that Tim Cook’s attire was most likely an homage to Steve Jobs.  However, I would personally like for Tim to develop his own style and personality as the new CEO.  Honestly, after watching his presentation, ANY STYLE, ANY PERSONALITY! Please!

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