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Every now and then we are invited to review something that just looks… well… ridiculous but we end up agreeing to take a look anyway. When the “ridiculous review item” first arrives and we open the box our first impressions are, for the most part, confirmed. Yes, more often than not the product is silly, looks like a bad joke and poses a bit of a challenge with regard to actually writing the review. Every now and then however, once we actually start using the item we discover that our first AND second impressions were actually wrong! Sure, the item still looks silly but it actually works well.

That was my experience with the ePillow. I’m not fully sure why I agreed to review it since the pictures didn’t impress me but I’m actually glad I did. I’ve used it to watch some movies on my iPad this weekend and I actually found it quite useful. Seriously!

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The Hype:

Comfortable. Convenient. Portable.
Comfortable – Use your iPad or Touch Screen Tablet comfortably anywhere, anytime, even sitting in bed or on the couch. With ePillow, you won’t get tired of holding your tablet and it’s perfect for reading or watching movies with a friend.

Convenient. Whether you want to play a game or do some typing, ePillow has you covered. ePillow has an adjustable viewing angle that fits your tablet in both portrait and landscape modes.

Portable. Great for use on the go. ePillow will make using your iPad or Touch Screen Tablet comfortable in any environment. ePillow is perfect for travel whether flying or driving. Most tablets fit the ePillow with or without a case.

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The ePillow is just that — a pillow. What makes it unique is the U-shaped area on the front. (In this case it is the darker material.) The “U” has just enough opening to left the tablet sit down into it and be wedged between the main body of the pillow and darker material. This holds the tablet in place without obscuring the screen, or at least that is the theory behind it. In practicality, while the design didn’t obscure my iPad’s screen, it did introduce two small issues.

First, if I placed the iPad in it in such a manner that the volume controls were accessible on the top it meant the speaker was in the lower left corner and, as a result, was a bit obscured. The result? A slight muffling of the sound until I pulled the iPad up and out of that area. This, in turn, meant the iPad was held in place a bit less securely.

Second, the darker material got in the way when I tried to type if I actually wanted to do more than simply watch something when using the ePillow. As a result I found myself only using the ePillow to passively watch a video or read a book. That’s not a bad thing but it is worth mentioning if this is something you might consider buying.

Also, you might notice the small dark line on the right hand side of the ePillow. That’s the opening to a pocket that is perfectly sized for an iPhone or iPod touch. I found myself using it quite a bit and appreciated having it there.

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I brought the ePillow to my in-laws and let my father-in-law use it for a bit. “Another time I get to be your review shill?!” he said, but then he was actually impressed with it from a functionality perspective.

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I let our friend Lori also try it, ands she too found it comfortable to use.

Yes, at first glance the ePillow looks like one of the handmade cottage-industry items you would find on Etsy … and I do not mean that in a complimentary manner. The thing is, it actually works well and makes sitting in a recliner and using an iPad or similar tablet more enjoyable. At under $30 it is a great accessory to buy for someone who just got a tablet and is finding more and more ways to use it. The ePillow comes in a number of color combinations and can be found here.

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: Actually makes sitting in a chair and using an iPad more enjoyable; Creates a nice, safe, secure way to hold the iPad on your lap; Cellphone pocket is a nice addition

What Needs Improvement: Either the volume controls or the speaker are obscured when the iPad is placed well into the “pocket” area

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  1. I actually prop my tablet on a small pillow while I am sitting in a chair or reading in bed.  I think the ePillow will eliminate some slipping issues.  Nice product.

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