Garmin’s CES News for Android Users, Golfers, Drivers and … You?

Garmin's CES News for Android Users, Golfers, Drivers and ... You?

Garmin, who seem to be going like gangbusters lately (including the addition of Navigon to their lineup last year) have released a preview of what they are showing at CES this week.  In their press release they are announcing some new and update products including:

– Garmin Smartphone Link is the first Android app that provides live services to a PND utilizing the smartphone’s data connection.

– The new nüvi® 3500 series: Garmin’s newest flagship personal navigation devices and the company’s first GPS navigators that combine the ultra-thin form factor with a large, 5-inch glass display.

– Garmin® Approach™ G6 GPS takes golf to a whole new level with worldwide preloaded courses, no subscriptions and a rechargeable battery.

– Garmin Automotive OEM: Garmin will provide a sneak peek at its automotive OEM navigation and infotainment solutions at a dedicated booth at CES. The week will be highlighted by an award presentation in which J.D. Power and Associates executives will recognize Garmin’s in-car navigation in the Dodge Charger as “Highest Customer Satisfaction With Factory Installed Navigation Systems”.

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