Random Cool Video: That Famous Skrillex Sample

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Random Cool Video: That Famous Skrillex Sample Listen to this article

Random Cool Video: That Famous Skrillex Sample

Ever wonder where Skrillex pulled the ‘Yes, oh my gosh’ sample from his most popular song ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’? Well, even if you never cared (or knew who Skrillex was for that matter) it is still a pretty cool thing. The song is largely an instrumental (typical of electronica in general and dubstep in specific) with a couple of reversed lyric lines and a break between the ‘scary monsters’ and ‘nice sprites’ sections of the song marked by a ‘YES, OH MY GOSH’ exclamation.

The girl responsible for the exclamation is Rachael Nedrow, better known as speedstackinggirl on YouTube. Here is the video that Skrillex pulled the sample from:

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And, here is the song itself:

And in case you hadn’t already guessed, the lead image is Sonny (Skrillex actual name is Sonny Moore) and Rachael.

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