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March 4, 2012 • News

Apple Hits 25 Billion App Downloads, is the Most Admired Company

To say that Apple is on a roll seems a bit superfluous, as the company has spent much of the last dozen years as one of the most reported on and profitable companies in the world. And yet it seems like every time we turn around there is something new and amazing to discuss.

First off, last week Fortune magazine reported that Apple was the most admired company in the world. This just after a number of reports tried to single out Apple as the singular cause of poor working conditions in China. Other reports noted that tech companies like Apple do little for the US workforce due to heavy automation even when they do have workers here. Apple responded by posting about the hundreds of thousands of jobs they support in the US alone!

From the report:

To say it was another big year for Apple would be a gross understatement. With the passing of Steve Jobs, questions swirled around the company’s future. But under new CEO Tim Cook’s guidance, Apple continues to prosper.

The company’s annual revenues climbed to $108 billion, led by an 81% increase in iPhone sales — a jump that doesn’t factor in the runaway success of the iPhone 4S — and a 334% spike in iPad sales, due in no small part to the revamped iPad 2. Increased sales across the board explain why shares soared 75% during the company’s fiscal year to $495.

Now we have learned that Apple has surpassed 25 billion app downloads. They were hosting a contest, and the person who downloaded the 25 billionth app would get a $10,000 iTunes Credit! says “A billion thanks. 25 times over. The App Store has reached 25 billion downloads. Thanks for getting us there.”

So when you think about it, assuming there are about 316 million iOS devices capable of getting stuff from the App Store, that would mean about 80 apps per device! But assuming half of those devices belong to multi-device families in a single iTunes account, there might be even more per iTunes account!

I looked at my account and saw that I have … just over 2500 purchases from the App Store! We have two iPads and four iPod Touches in our house, so there are loads of things grabbed by my kids … but that is STILL a load of apps!

What about you … how many apps have YOU contributed to pushing Apple to 25 billion apps?

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