1983, an LP by Chris King and a Kickstarter Project

1983, an LP by Chris King and a Kickstarter Project

We have covered several Kickstarter projects here at Gear Diary ranging from the Kammock Roo to ASL Tunes for the deaf to new 3D Glasses. Kickstarter is a website that is used as “a new way to find and follow creativity.” Basically, an artist, writer, inventor etc… can fund new projects through the help of anyone who feels inclined to donate to the cause. Most projects do offer packages donors will receive according to the amount they pledge. The capital must be promised before time runs out or the project will not be funded.

This is actually a project for a friend of mine. I coached against him when he was in high school and now he is a fellow football coach who I play each year. Other than a few hours that Friday night each year, we have become close friends. Along with his coaching talents, Chris is an amazing artist and awesome musician. His golden voice and Texas writing style has elevated him to an up and coming Texas Music artist that should be watched. Our state has a rich music tradition that combines country, rock and blues styles to create a unique flavor.

“1983” is a record that I’ve had in mind since I first started seriously writing and recording. It will be my first full-length record and will contain ten songs that will serve to represent myself in Texas from 1983 until now. It is about the state I live in, the relationships I’ve made, and the people I love. The pledges you make will go directly towards the recording and production of this record and absolutely nothing else. On a side note, I am only asking your help to fund half of this record. Hopefully this shows you that I am as invested in this project as I’d like you to be.

I believe in honesty and hard work.

With your help, I’m hoping we can make a great record together. Thank you very much for your time… And hey, you can have my previous two EPs totally free just for stopping by:


“1983” will be recorded at Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, Texas alongside great people who also happen to be great musicians. It will be produced by John Ross Silva & engineered by Kevin Szymanski – two true pros.

I am a huge fan of Texas Music and always support the artists when I can. For what it is worth, I am not a fan of mainstream country music, so if you are in that department this is still worth taking a listen. Go to the above link and download some of Chris’s music and see what you think. I promise if you listen to his passion and picture the story each song tells, you will be taken to small town Texas life. If you feel inclined, please support the project here on Kickstarter. Chris and his fans will be forever grateful that you took part in this adventure with him.

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