I’m Feeling iOS Growing Pains, How About You?

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I'm Feeling iOS Growing Pains, How About You? Listen to this article


This post is completely and totally anecdotal but I thought it was worth sharing my experience thus far with iOS 5.1 and see if anyone else is seeing what I am seeing.

I recently upgraded all of my iOS devices to Apple’s new iOS 5.1 operating system. While it isn’t as bad as the initial upgrade to iOS 2.0 (that operating system continually crashed and Apple scrambled to get out an update) this update has some significant issues that are appearing.

First up, as bad as my battery life across all devices seemed to be with iOS 5.0 it appears that iOS 5.1 makes it even worse. I can watch 10% of my battery life dropped in a little over an hour and that’s certainly not what I am used to experiencing on Apple’s mobile devices. Anyone else seeing horrid battery life?

In addition, there are stability issues. I was trying to edit some photographs yesterday and I saw crash after crash. The first edit went fine but the second one continually crashed when I tried to crop the image. The image and editing window came up initially and allowed me to go into the editing mode and begin cropping the image but then… Crash. It would give me a black screen and a spinning circle. Anyone else have devices crashing like never before?

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And there is more. My devices seem to lose connectivity for a few seconds and then we connect. Again, this isn’t something I have ever experienced.

All of this adds up to one clear fact – Apple, you’ve got some work to do and hopefully you’ll push out a new update quickly.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Let us know below.

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