Apple’s Achilles Heel Revealed

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Apple's Achilles Heel Revealed Listen to this article


If you have wondered if Apple has an Achilles’ heel you might want to check out a new post over on Gizmodo. It makes clear that there is one and if goes by the name “expectations”. People have come to expect SO much from Apple each and every time they release a new device that there is Simply No Way, Apple can keep pace. That seems to be the case with the Gizmodo crew’s initial reaction to the new iPad. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is making them go “wow”.

It is also interesting to see Gizmodo’s behind the scenes chatter. It is not as four letter worded as I would expect. Maybe all that Frat Boy stuff is for show… nah!

All of this noted, while I have yet to get my hands on the new iPad I do know that it is a huge upgrade for me. The fact that it will have global voice recognition will make this key productivity tool far better for me than it has ever been. And I think that’s what this comes down to. Whether or not this upgraded iPad is for you depends a lot on how you use your tablet. If it is simply a media consumption device you might be wisest to stick with an iPad 2 and save some significant money. If, on the other hand, you do a lot of gaming or you use your iPad has a key productivity tool it is a worthwhile upgrade to consider. I know that, for me, having the global voice recognition will make it even more of a “don’t leave home without it” device.

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