An Argument for Braces, If You Still Aren’t Convinced


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An Argument for Braces, If You Still Aren't Convinced

I know plenty of people whose parents opted not to get them braces when they were younger; some of these people could care less about whether a few of their teeth are bunched up a bit or not, but there are a few who are genuinely embarrassed by their smiles.

The discussion of braces comes up every now and then, and one of the arguments against getting them has been that it would be silly to wear braces as an adult. After seeing this video, my comeback will now and forevermore be that if your smile bothers you and you can afford them, you should consider the money and the year (or so) wearing them a worthwhile investment.

According to VJ4rawr, the maker of this video,

I was 27 when I began braces treatment – orthodontics – for crowding on both upper and lower teeth. I used the Damon system and was originally given a treatment time of between 12 and 18 months (final debanding occured after 14 months). I searched youtube for Before and After video’s, stumbled upon about a thousand video diaries but very few “complete transformation” videos. As an adult with braces, I discovered that it’s a little more difficult to get “perfect” teeth, but overall i’m happy with the end result. Now i’m set for another 9 months of full time retainer wear.

I’d say that VJ4rawr has made a pretty remarkable transformation from a man with a nice smile to a man with an amazing smile, wouldn’t you? =)

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