Hilariously Effective Nike ‘I Would Run to You’ Commercial

Hilariously Effective Nike 'I Would Run to You' Commercial

How often do you see a full 2.5-minute commercial that even as it is obviously selling a brand, makes you stop and fully engage in the story? Well, this new commercial for Nike featuring two lovers who find themselves across the country and missing one another is cute, endearing, and hilarious. It is a great story … and well worth watching and sharing!

Here is the description:

Nike and W+K Portland put a romantic twist on running, with this 2:30 video about two lovers running across to country to see each other, directed by Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge.

Promoting the Nike Free Run+ 3, the cute pair — he lives in New York, she lives in California — decide to run to see each other, while singing, often comical lyrics. Along the way, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and skateboarder Theotis Beasley make cameos.

The film tells you that if you are a strong enough runner, you can sing while you run. While the lady puts up a strong showing, the guy is less admirable…

Copywriter Reuben Hower wrote the adorable, original song, and if you Shazam it, you can download it for free. Plus, the actors are actually singing it.

The idea of lovers reuiniting after running long distances isn’t a new one–it was also the conceit of this award-winning Love Distance online/TV campaign for Sagami Condoms from Japan, but Nike adds its own inventive twist. Next week a social media component will challenge you to test out your pipes by singing to a Nike “Karaoke Mix.”

Sample lyrics:
M: I think I’m gonna need a medic.
W: You filled the hall with flower petals.
M: Why does my mouth taste like metal?
W: Baby I might die without you.
M: Baby, I might die.

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  1. Doug Miller | April 13, 2012 at 10:35 am |

    I saw this last week, and loved it. (I learned about if from a Joan Samuelson tweet; I agree with her comment.) https://twitter.com/#!/JBSamuelson/status/187937924019519488

  2. I agree with her too!

    I just watched it again this AM. I already ran today and now I want to run again. Home run by Nike!

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