Mophie and Customer Service “Done Right”

Mophie and Customer Service "Done Right"

I had a bad purchase experience recently that came to a conclusion this week.  I purchased a Mophie Juice Pack Plus from a vendor on Amazon.  I noticed that the build quality wasn’t quite as nicely done as other Mophie units I had, but I figured it was just a manufacturing variation or maybe it was just that this was a different model than the others I had.  I didn’t think all that much about it.

After a few weeks, the USB connector started to act up.  I couldn’t get the cable to stay in and charge.  Very annoying.  Finally, it got bad enough that I contacted Mophie for a warranty exchange.  They took my purchase information and send me a box so that I could RMA the device.  I promptly sent it off.

A little time elapses and I receive an email from Mophie telling me that they received the device and they were looking at it.  Then, earlier today I receive another email from them indicating that my device is a “fake” Mophie, and they won’t replace it.  They are sending back the unit as is.

That could have been the end of the story.  Another example of the consumer getting fleeced by an online vendor.  But wait – there’s more…

Mophie also noted, in their email, that I could contact Customer Service (and they give the phone number) to obtain a discount on a genuine Mophie product.  This discount was for 15% off (about $15 on a Juice Pack Plus).  The Customer Service rep I spoke with was genuinely nice, pleasant, and explained that they are always having to fight the “grey” market and fake products.  They gave me a discount code to use through their online ordering site.  I proceeded to their site and placed my order.  Mophie – your customer orientation and your willingness to do a little extra, even though you had no obligation to do so – that just earned you a lifetime customer and fan.

On the other side of the equation, I contacted the vendor from whom I purchased the original, fake, Juice Pack from via Amazon, and they were very apologetic (blaming a bad eBay lot purchase), and they offered to immediately refund my purchase.  They seem to be honestly upset by the situation, it appears that it is hurting their vendor score and creating a number of other problems for them, but at least they have chosen to be responsive and didn’t force me to place a claim via Amazon, and as of a short time ago, I got notification that they had, in fact, refunded my full purchase price AND shipping costs.  Very nice!

All told, the situation, while a little stressful, appears to be working out for the best.  Here on Gear Diary we review and critique many things.  We rant and rave about the problems we see in the tech world, but we also like to bring to light the stories where things go right and we like to mention vendors, like Mophie, that genuinely seem to care about their customers and encourage our readers to consider doing future business with them.  So kudos, Mophie, and thanks for reminding us that customers are still important!


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