EGO Mobile Hybrid Series USB Case Review

EGO Mobile Hybrid Series USB Case Review

This falls under the category of “Cool ideas I wish I had had” ego mobile’s Hybrid Series USB Case for iPhone 4S (they have them for other phones too!) combines a minimalist iPhone case with a 4, 8 or 16GB USB flash drive. That’s a great combination, especially if you have a storage-challenged MacBook air! As the company explains, the case is “world’s first iPhone 4/4S case with removable USB drive stores 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of music, photos and more”.

EGO Mobile Hybrid Series USB Case Review

The USB drive “slides seamlessly into the back of the case”. This makes for a nice neat package. In addition, the case

Features superior protection and scratch resistant quality

Leaves all ports and controls are easily accessible

Comes in six different colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Light Green, Red and Black

And users can mix & match case and USB colors for a possible 36 color combinations

EGO Mobile Hybrid Series USB Case Review

The cases are priced at $34.95 (4GB), $39.95 (8GB) and $49.95 (16GB). Check them out here on the Ego Mobile website. Enter to win a black case with a 16GB drive below. (And remember, the winner will be announced in next week’s newsletter and will have one week to claim the prize.)

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  1. Whoa never seen this before. Rather than fumbling through my backpack trying to find a USB, I could just slip it from the case.

  2. I’d love to win to always have a flash drive with me!

  3. I’d like to see more “exclusives” in the newsletter!

  4. stefaniegladden | September 3, 2012 at 12:03 pm |

    I’d love to win because this case would be great and very convenient to me!

    rafflecopter ann lyfe

  5. Just today I realized I left my USB drive at home while my phone is of course with me. So much for not taking the laptop home tonight. Convenience for the win.

  6. I want to win if for my son who has an iphone

  7. I enjoy the newsletter as is ….I like your introductions to new and unique products.

  8. new and innovative product giveaways! (i learn a lot about new products this way)

  9. I would like to see more gadgets and kickstarter products

  10. I love new cases and this one is perfect for students

  11. I agree why did i think of this. I want to win becuase i think they are a little over priced.

  12. This case will help me from losing my flash drives.

  13. Your wish list would be nice as well as product comparisons.

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