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September 21, 2012 • Gear Bits

New iPhone? It Deserves a Bodyguardz

Screen Shot 2012 09 21 at 9 19 17 AM

If you got a new iPhone today you know it is Apple’s best iPhone ever. you also know you are going to take it with you everywhere you go. That means it needs, and deserves, good protection. One of our favorite ways to protect iPhone (and laptops. iPads and Kindles and… you get the idea) come from Bodyguardz. Judie and I love their Armor series, and their screen protectors are pretty great too. Better still, starting in October they will be offering tempered glass protectors.

Screen Shot 2012 09 21 at 9 19 34 AM

The company is already shipping a number of options for iPhone 5 protection. You can find them all here.

And while you are picking up some screen and body protection consider getting a pair of their EarJax. I picked some up last year during a sale and I am constantly amazed at how comfortable and great sounding they are.

Our thanks to Bodyguardz for being one of our inaugural Newsletter Underwriters. We appreciate their support, AND we love their products.

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