Blockbuster Lives?

Blockbuster Lives?

A few weeks ago as part of our “clean out the house” initiative, I came across an old school Netflix ad-3 DVDs at a time for $19.99 a month! Sadly, Sarah didn’t know I wanted to hang onto it as a memento of the days when Netflix WANTED you to rent DVDs, and it headed out to the curb on the last recycling day.

However, the universe clearly sensed my disappointment, and sent me a Blockbuster flyer offering me DVD rentals by mail! After checking my phone to make sure it was still a 4S and not the Treo 650 I carried in 2006, I marveled at the fact that Blockbuster is still in business, and apparently still renting DVDs. I really thought they went bankrupt a few years ago, but apparently Dish bought them and elected to continue to support the US Postal Service.

Blockbuster Lives?

I am curious, who out there uses a DVD mail rental system, and if you do, do you use Netflix or Blockbuster? Personally I am streaming-only, partly because I am cheap, and mostly because my town apparently believes mail should be delivered roughly on a “when we feel like it” basis, rather than at regular intervals. Still, it was a good try by Blockbuster!


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3 Comments on "Blockbuster Lives?"

  1. We have moved on from discs … I own a few essentials but generally don’t want to see stuff more than once, and for that digital streaming is perfect … We don’t even do RedBox anymore. That is why we skipped on BluRay …

  2. I personally hope to see the DVD around for a long time
    coming, because I honestly never really had much luck with Netflix and their
    streaming. I’ve always enjoyed Blockbuster as well, so I was pretty happy when
    my coworkers at DISH told me our company was purchasing the chain. Since then
    I’ve been using the Blockbuster @Home package they came out with last year. I
    like what it offers, because it’s only ten more dollars on my DISH bill for
    DVD’s (including Blu-rays) and games by mail, streaming to my TV/PC and
    additional movie channels. Plus, if I find myself in a Blockbuster store I can
    do unlimited in-store exchanges, so for me it’s worked out quite nicely having
    the services. 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s great! I didn’t realize Blockbuster still had many stores around, but the tie in with the mail system is pretty smart.

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