Orbino Will Wrap Your iPhone 5 and iPad mini in Sumptuous Leather

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One of the many reasons that I enjoy using iOS devices is because Apple’s hardware is so elegant; if that wasn’t reason enough to stay loyal, add in the fact that accessory manufacturers seem to love designing their goods for Apple products. And if there is one thing that you all should know about me by now, it’s that I do so love a good accessory.

miniPadova in Pecan

Dan and I have been pretty vocal about how much we love Orbino’s Padova line of iPad cases; Dan has the black Padova case that he uses on his iPad 3, and I have been using the custom crocodile Padova case that the editors gave me for my birthday last year both on my iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Simply put, Orbino cases are a step above the usual utilitarian designs that so many case makers mass produce. Orbino cases are gorgeous luxury items that are handmade to order; they take a little longer to receive, but when they arrive the result is oh-so worth it.

miniPadova in brown crocodile

So with that, let me show you a couple of the newest items in the Orbino line; we’ll start with the miniPadova Case for the iPad mini.

Orbino cloaks your iPad in this sleek hand engineered case. Our artisans carefully make this case in premium leather throughout, and close it with several dozen hand stitches.

Special features include:

  • protective flap with invisible magnetic closure
  • flap doubles as a viewing pedestal in both horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Polished metal home button
  • Orbino’s patented removable spring loaded typing stand in polished brushed metal for typing at the ideal angle
  • Optional shoulder strap for easy transport
  • Unique form fitting design stitched entirely by hand in Italy with premium high tensile waxed thread
  • Hand lacquered 4-coat edging
  • Pure leather lining
  • Cut out for iPad recharger and volume control
  • Environmentally conscious: absolutely no use of plastics or solvent based glues in the case
  • Made entirely by hand at the Centro Stile Orbino.

The basic black, brown Tuscan, pecan and deep red cases are $209; ostrich cases in cognac, black, mocha and red are $569; and the extremely amazing brown caiman crocodile case is $689.

Orbino also offers the Volante Handle system that makes it easier to carry or easier to prop the iPad mini when it is in its Padova case. The handle is made from “pure brass with a beautiful polished chrome finish”, and its hinge allows multiple uses.

You can use the Volante handle in the following ways:

  • As a carrying handle in the upright position. Nice hand stitched leather grip
  • As a typing or viewing stand when you fold the handle down. Tighten the thumbscrew for the perfect angle
  • As a shoulder strap by hooking the clips of the included shoulder strap into the side holes of the handle

The Volante handle can be removed from the case when its not needed “by simply loosening the thumbscrew and sliding the handle off.”

You have to specify what color leather you’d like when you order; the handle starts at $100 for the smooth leathers, it is an additional $125 in “special exotic skin” or an additional $200 for the crocodile.

Pantera iPhone 5 Case in Pecan

The Pantera iPhone 5 Case is another example of Orbino’s amazing craftsmanship, and it is also available in a variety of leathers.

click to enlarge

Orbino cloaks your iPhone 5 in a beautifully sleek luxury accessory. Our artisans in Italy carefully craft this case in Premium Leather, and stitch it entirely by hand.

Special features include:

  • Contoured protective flap with invisible magnetic closure
  • Special design allows you to talk on your iPhone 5 while the screen cover is closed
  • Brushed metal push through home button
  • Orbino’s optional patented removable spring loaded combination belt clip and desk stand in polished palladium metal
  • Unique form fitting design stitched entirely by hand in Italy with premium high tensile waxed thread
  • Hand lacquered 4-coat edging
  • Pure leather lining
  • Cut out for iPod recharger
  • Made entirely by hand in Italy at the Centro Stile Orbino.

Pantera iPhone 5 case in cognac ostrich leg

The iPhone 5 Pantera case is available in smooth black, brown, red or pecan Tuscan leather for $189; hand stained mahogany leather is $209. There are special edition black or cognac ostrich cases for $299;  the cognac ostrich leg and cream ostrich cases are $309. For those with more exotic tastes, there is an ebony snakeskin case for 309, and a brown crocodile case for $369. I’ve saved the best for last — there is also a magnificent stingray and snake case (shown at the head of this post) available for $399. :sigh:

Sure, you can put your iPad mini or iPhone 5 in just about any brown or black case and consider it protected, but if you want something more aesthetically pleasing and caressable, then you really should check out Orbino’s amazing handmade offerings.

Orbino | The Craft of Leather

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