Bling My Thing’s Dot Matrix Case for iPhone 4S Review

Bling My Thing's Dot Matrix Case for iPhone 4S Review

Some of us like our iPhone cases nice and simple. My regular case is a basic black Incipio Feather, and I love it. However, iPhones are more than just a utilitarian device; they are also a fashion statement, and cases showcasing how beautiful a smartphone can be are extremely popular. Bling My Thing was kind enough to send us a Swarovski Elements decorated case to review, and it has been winning fans left and right in my house!

The last “Bling My Thing” case I reviewed was clear, but this one has a more mirrored finish to it. There’s some translucency, and you can see the Apple logo, but it is definitely not completely clear. The mirrored look is actually quite nice, and fades from translucent to dark. It looked a bit cheap in the packaging, but on the iPhone it became far more classy and stylish. I also really liked the crystal design on this case. It, too, has a fading effect, in that it starts with tiny blue crystals around the edges, then slowly changes color and size until the middle, where there are eight larger silver ones. Something about the sharp edges and geometric design make it look both fashion-forward and industrial at the same time, which is a neat effect.

Bling My Thing's Dot Matrix Case for iPhone 4S Review

Design-wise, this case is very, very similar to my Incipio Feather. The sides of the case don’t quite come up high enough to form a protective lip, but there is a screen protector included. The top and bottom are totally open, making access extremely easy, and there are comfortably sized cutouts for the volume buttons and the silence switch. It is about the same thickness as the Feather as well, so this definitely falls on the more minimal side of the case spectrum.

Bling My Thing's Dot Matrix Case for iPhone 4S Review

I have two minor quibbles with the case. One, the shiny design is susceptible to fingerprints, and it is especially noticeable under bright lights. I am 90% sure you could ID fingerprints off this case without any special CSI-style powder. Two, the “Bling My Thing” logo is prominently displayed in the right corner. It’s not the most attractive logo, and in my view sort of looks like a modified recycling symbol. In other words, it’s kind of cheap looking.

Slight complaints aside, this is an attractive, well made case. If you’re looking for a case with a bit of pizzazz, this is a great choice. It’s a bit too sparkly for me, but if you want your iPhone to look like a Twilight vampire, or just appreciate beautiful cases, it’s definitely worth a look!

MSRP: $59.99 from Bling My Thing

What I liked: Fits the iPhone well; crystal design is attractive; mirrored fade looks really cool

What needs improvement: Major fingerprint magnet; case maker’s logo is extremely prominent

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