New Wheel of Fortune App for iOS and Android Launched to Help Celebrate 30th Wheel of Fortune Season!


“WHEEL…OF…FORTUNE!” Whenever I hear that phrase, I start to salivate a bit. Yes, I’m sure there are a lot of brows creasing as they read that second sentence, but bear with me, as it was the result of inadvertent Pavlovian conditioning. Back in the late 20th century, when I was but a college student, the local radio station would play an NPR segment followed by the audio broadcast of Wheel of Fortune from a local TV station. Due to my schedule proctoring organic chemistry labs, the timing of these two broadcasts generally coincided with my dinner. I’d often eat in my dorm room as it was close to the labs, hence my conditioning.

Psychology aside, Sony Pictures Television has recently released a new mobile Wheel of Fortune game to celebrate its 30th season. The game is available for iOS and Android devices (including the Kindle Fire). Users can customize their avatar players and choose from many game options to solve those puzzles!

If you ever paid close attention to Pat (the real 3D person, not the virtual one) conversing with the contestants in the TV version, you quickly discovered he had a sharp wit. It often seemed as though much of the audience (and the contestants) frequently missed his affable zingers. I wonder if this trait will be translated into the game version?

At any rate, you can find the Wheel of Fortune app here for $2.99:




Additional game content can be purchased from within the game itself.

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