Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses Review

Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses

A number of months ago I reviewed the PivotHead Video Sunglasses. (Read the review.) I used them in Aruba (watch the video) and then again in Cuba (watch the video). I really enjoyed using the glasses and was bummed when the time came to return the sample I was using. I sent them back and planned to shoot future video “the old-fashioned way”… with my iPhone.  That’s when I was offered a pair of Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses to review. “Another pair of video sunglasses to review?” I thought, “Why not.”

The Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses came a few days later and I’ve been using them as both standard sunglasses and as a stealth video device. Overall I’m impressed, especially when taking the cost of the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses into account. Lets take a close look at both the glasses and the video they shoot.

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As you can see, the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses look like a fairly typical pair of sports sunglasses. The yellow earpieces tie the glasses together thematically, since the same color plastic is used on the nose and the Oakley-esque silver and yellow circle on each side.

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Speaking of that yellow and silver oval, the one on the left side serves as the on/off switch for the glasses and for the recording function. When you press and hold the yellow portion in the center the glasses turn on. Once the glasses are on, if you press again quickly the glasses begin recording.

Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses

This indicator light on the inside of the left temple glows solid when the glasses are on, and it blinks when recording video. It works well enough, but like the PivotHead glasses we reviewed previously, having the indicator light on the inside of the glasses’ frame means there is no real way that you can tell the glasses are on and recording without taking them off. Although, I do suppose that having the indicator light on the outside of the glasses would quickly give away the fact that you are recording the scene, person or people in front of you. That shouldn’t be an issue anyway, if you are using the glasses in an open and appropriate manner. But then again, the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses come from a company named SpyTec, so it really shouldn’t come as a shock that the glasses are designed in a way that doesn’t scream, “Hey, look! I’m recording you! Now put your clothes back on!”

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The bottom of the left temple has the microphone, the reset button and the hidden connector for charging the glasses and pulling the video off them. As I note in the video, I really hate the fact that the company didn’t use a standard microUSB here.

Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses

Accessories included with the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses

Considering the price, I am rather impressed with the quality of the accessories included with the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses. So what is in the box?

The InventioHD Sunglasses

A Black Carrying Case

A Cleaning Cloth

A USB Extension Cable with TV Output

A User Manual

A Neck Strap

The Carrying case with its attached clip is especially impressive. The specifications of the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses are impressive as well:

720P HD Video Recording

30 Frames Per Second

8GB Class 10 Internal Memory

Noise Removal

Advanced Video Stabilization

TV Output Capabilities

Video Format: AVI

Video Ratio: 16:9

Audio: 16 Bit Audio

Here’s our video of the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses in action.

I’m impressed with the Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses, but I have some reservations. The video they shoot is actually quite good. The audio is more than passable but, as you can hear on the video, there were sporadic periods of static. Overall the audio and video are not quite as good as the PivotHead Video Sunglasses. Then again, the PivotHead sunglasses are $300, while these have an MSRP of $190 and are available for under $130. That’s a huge difference in price, even when taking into consideration the fact that these offer 720p video and the PivotHead glasses shoot 1080p video. I also don’t love the use of a non-universal connection, and I wish there was a physical switch to turn the glasses on and off and to start and stop filming. Finally, I missed having the ability to shoot video and take pictures, a feature the PivotHead sunglasses offered. But again, the difference in price between the two is significant.

Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses

You can learn more here. You can order them for under $130 here in our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $149.99

What I Like: Comfortable; Light; A reasonable price; Do well as sunglasses; Record decent video on the 8GB of built-in storage; Come with good accessories

What Needs Improvement: Hard to know if they are on or off; Some static in audio on occasion; Don’t use microUSB connector

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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