Telenav Looks to Shape Ads Based on GPS Data

Telenav Looks to Shape Ads Based on GPS Data

I don’t always pay close attention to ads and location services, but when I do I tend to notice the same issue continually happening: the ad has no idea where I actually am. Oh, it knows if I am in New Jersey, and it might even sort-of know that I am home. But it doesn’t always know that the business it’s suggesting may be 4 miles away but a 10 minute drive. I’d pass three comparable businesses that were far closer and easier to reach first! Worse, if I am in North Jersey my phone becomes convinced I would be interested in places closer to NYC, because sure, it’s under 10 miles away. It’s also a solid hour of driving if the traffic is bad. So basically, mobile ads and location are pretty broken. But the folks at Telenav have been working really hard to combine their GPS expertise with ads to make geolocation far more accurate!

Scout Advertising from Telenav has a major advantage since they have a rich vein of GPS data available to them. But as a result, they understand how far someone will drive, and what distance is too far. More importantly, as you can see from the infographic below, they recognize that it’s not the same for gas as it is for coffee. It’s not even the same in New York vs Chicago. Every area is different, and the distance from point A to point B, or the distance someone is willing to travel from those points, is very specific to each area.

Ads are a part of life. They can also be incredibly useful as a way to find a good deal or a new restaurant, or yes, more mundane things like gas. Telenav is able to use their data to make those ads as useful to the consumer as the merchant!

Check out Telenav’s really interesting infographic below that shows how far people will drive for services. Do those numbers look like your typical errands, or do you travel more or less than the average? And if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out Telenav’s Scout online at or on your iPhone or Android device!

Telenav Looks to Shape Ads Based on GPS Data


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