PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One, Round 2

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PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One, Round 2

After getting a good look at the PlayStation 4 plus more information and a better view of the Xbox One at E3, consumers can make more informed decisions leading up to the upcoming holiday release of both next-gen consoles.

The biggest element, as usual, is price with the PS4 coming in at $399 – $100 less than Xbox One. Sony has learned from the past when the PlayStation 3 was originally priced at $599— $100 higher than Xbox 360. Microsoft has usually hit the price points well avoiding these issues that Sony (PS3) and Nintendo (3DS) endured.

Now, our favorite here at Gear Diary, the hardware. Both have a 500 Gb built-in drive, but the PS4’s drive is removable and upgradable. Both have a 8-core x86 AMD CPU and 8 GB of RAM. Both have 802.11n wireless capability with Wi-Fi Direct for the Xbox One.

Both have USB 3.0, HDMI, Blu-ray, gameplay video sharing, social media options, and gameplay streaming options (Twitch on Xbox One and Ustream on PS4).

The Xbox One includes the Kinect camera, console and controller while the PS4 includes the console, camera, and DualShock 4 controller. The refine Xbox One controller features new impulse triggers with built-in rumble while the DualShock 4 has a built-in speak, movement track (which Xbox One cover with the Kinect), and a multitouch touchpad. The PS4 still uses the PlayStation Move controller.

Other cool hardware options include second interactive tool that works with the console – Smart Glass app for the Xbox One and the PlayStation Vita for the PS4.

The PS4 will not require a constant Internet connection and will not restrict use of used PS4 games. Xbox One used games use are “up to publisher” says Microsoft. Also for the Xbox One, games will not function when disconnected for more than 24 hours. Details on how to fix this state are not detailed yet, but while offline, Xbox One users can watch TV, surf web and use Blu-rays.

Xbox One (out November 2013) is now available for preorder at Walmart, Microsoft Store, Toys R Us, GameStop (with game bundles), and Amazon. The PlayStation 4 (releasing “holiday 2013”) is now available for preorder at Walmart, Sony Store, Toys R Us, GameStop (with game bundles) and Amazon. Both consoles already have more than 10 launch games.

Look for more details soon. Which console(s) most interest you, and who do you think has the edge now?

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