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June 14, 2013 • Reviews

Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch for Samsung GALAXY S4 Allows You to See Clearly

Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch for Samsung GALAXY S4

One of the features that impressed me when I first say the Samsung GALAXY S4 at the Samsung Press conference announcing it was the smart screen functionality when combined with Samsung’s S Covers. The pairing of the special cover and the screen functionality allows S4 users to see key information without even opening the smartphone’s screen. It is a nice touch that adds a level of functionality and convenience that, while not necessary, sure is nice. Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch also takes advantage of this functionality. As the name suggests it is a pouch and, thanks to THIS pairing of phone technology and case design, you can see all sorts of useful information by simply pushing the home button through the case.

The Crumena View is made from real leather and is specifically designed to hold the S4. The leather, combined with the softer sides and soft inner lining protect the phone from most light bumps and scratches.

Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch for Samsung GALAXY S4

As you can see in the photo. what makes the Crumena View special is the front opening. When paired with the screen/OS design of the S4 this opening allows you to see notifications without having to first pull the phone from the pouch. Unfortunately the fact that the phone’s owner can see the notifications means others can too. A huge issue? No, but it is something about which to be aware.

The SGP Crumena View has an additional feature that is quite nice. When the phone is inserted or removed from the pouch it automatically sleeps/wakens the phone. That extra layer of convenience is rather nice!

It is worth noting the company warns that their Aluminum Home Buttons (video look coming soon) are not compatible with leather pouches or sleeves.

Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch for Samsung GALAXY S4

If you like a pouch-style case for your smartphone you are going to like the Spigen SGP Crumena View Pouch. It has everything that makes a pouch a great way to protect your phone, and it adds the convenience of automatic sleep/awake and the ability to see important notifications while the phone is still inside. That’s a nice marriage of protection and functionality that is made even nicer because the pouch is made from leather. The pouch comes in black and white, and it has an MSRP of under $30. You can learn more here.

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Real leather; Nice snug fit that is not too snug; Automatic sleep awake function; Allows you to see notifications on the go

What Needs Improvement: By design pouch cases leave phones exposed when removed

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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