Start Your Child on the Right Geek Path with The Star Trek Enterprise

Start Your Child on the Right Geek Path with The Star Trek Enterprise


When Sarah was pregnant with our son, we received two pieces of advice from nearly every parent we knew: get lots of sleep while we still could, and go see as many movies as possible before the little person arrives. This advice is the only reason Sarah relented and agreed to see “Star Trek: Into Darkness” with me. And while she found it less than exhilarating, our unborn child LOVED it. Yes, he spent the entire movie kicking and moving. Now, it might have been the vibrations from all the explosions, but I prefer to believe the little one was simply excited to be at his first “Star Trek” experience and was trying to get out and actually SEE the movie. Since then I have been hunting for fun sci-fi themed items he might enjoy. (Okay, I originally used the word “need” but, lets face it, it is my need not his.) 🙂

Our son is not yet on solid food but when he is ready, I really, really want to feed him using this awesome Enterprise spoon. I mean… how cool is this? The spoon looks like the USS Enterprise and it even lights up! Combined with the matching bib (and the Star Trek onesies Think Geek also sells), we will be set for Comic-Con, or the next “Trekkie” sequel. Now, when we use this gear to feed him we will obviously have to have The Original Star Trek Series on. That’s a good thing since it will let us discuss the pros and cons to Kirk versus Picard and, judging from his enthusiastic response in utero to Star Trek, I think it will go over fairly well. (With him. Maybe not so much with Sarah but it will be two against one and we will wear her down!)

In case you aren’t already sold, check out the hysterical demo video Think Geek offers:

The Star Trek Enterprise Light-up Feeding System is currently on sale for $17.49 (normally $24.99); at that price, why wouldn’t you want one?

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  1. That is just awesome! Never a bad time to build up an appreciation for the nerdier things in life 🙂

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