Sachi Insulated Food Bags Review – Carry Your Lunch with Class

Sachi Insulated Food Bags
I work out of my house. Well, I guess more accurately, I work in my house, so I usually either meet friends out for lunch somewhere or I eat at home. I don’t have a lot of need to carry a meal anywhere and keep it hot or cold. So when the offer came to check out the Sachi Insulated Food Bags. I figured it might make more sense for my girlfriend to run it through its paces.

She’s a kindergarten teacher who takes her lunch to school every day and only has about 15 minutes to eat, so premade lunches are the way to go. So I specifically requested a design of these attractive lunch totes that would appeal to a member of the distaff set instead of some manly pattern. And boy, did they ever come through.

Sachi Insulated Food Bags

Lisa doesn’t ever have to worry about my stealing her lunchbox, thanks to the pretty in pink preppy pattern that I received as a sample review item. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. My girlfriend really likes the looks of her Sachi bag. Designed to look like a classic handbag, this lunchbox really is an attractive well-made product with tight, straight stitching and sturdy pockets and zippers.

Sachi Insulated Food Bags

Larger than your average lunch tote, there is plenty of room inside the insulated main compartment of the Sachi bag. A sandwich, salad and drink fits easily without causing the bag to bulge or straining the zipper too much. Unfortunately, my girlfriend keeps her lunch in a mini fridge in her classroom, so the bag was a little bulky for her to fit it on the small shelf. However, the insulation kept her food cool all day long, so other than the fact that it takes up a little extra room on her desk, the question is essentially moot.

Sachi Insulated Food Bags

Two exterior pockets allow for room to stash a few things that might ordinarily go in a purse in case you want to carry your Sachi as your only bag. (I don’t think it comes with the small black hole that must be present in all of Lisa’s bags to hold all the stuff that she keeps in her purse.)

Sachi Insulated Food Bags

A zippered pocket would be a secure place to keep keys or change for the soda machine.

Sachi Insulated Food Bags

Actually, you don’t need to hit the drink machine, since the interior compartment has a separate internal sleeve that is the perfect size to hold a 12 oz. can. I suppose you (or I) could stash a beer in there and smuggle it someplace where maybe it oughtn’t be … I mean, really, if you saw me carrying this bag could you stop laughing long enough to frisk me?

But that doesn’t detract from the usability of the Sachi Insulated Food Bag. It does its job very well, and it even includes a shoulder strap if you happen to stuff it with as much food as it can hold; the bags are also easy to clean with a damp cloth. Available in many attractive styles and patterns which retail for between $5.99 and $29.99, the Sachi bags are an excellent alternative to just brown-bagging it.

Sachi Insulated Lunch Bags are available from the company’s website.

MSRP: $24.99

What I Liked: Roomy, easy to clean, Attractive girly patterns

What Needs Improvement: All those girly patterns, seriously there are some more masculine designs and they also have separate lined of wine bags and market totes that would be great for anyone

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample

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