eBay Launches My Gadgets, a Way for You to Catalog and Value Your Gadget & Tech Collection

eBay Launches My Gadgets

If you have been keeping up with Dan’s and my eBay posts and the massive contest connected to the products we’ve reviewed, then you know that eBay has been in the process of launching their now-live site, My Gadgets, where users can “easily catalog their tech collections and see the current value of each of their tech items.” 

My Gadgets helps users organize and save all of their gadgets and tech items in a single location; the idea is to make it easy for users to “view the individual and collective values” of their items, “based on eBay’s unique data on current sales trends and prices for both new and vintage electronics items.”

All you have to do to get up and running is:

1. Add Your Items: My Gadgets has collected data on thousands of tech items; you can type the names of the gadgets you own into the search bar, and add the results to your collection.

2. See The Value: The value of your collection is immediately tallied and displayed; the data for valuation comes from eBay current trends and average selling prices.

And when you are ready, you can …

3. Sell it With Ease: You can easily create listings from items in your database by using eBay’s new “streamlined listing tool, prepopulated product information, and current sales trends to help determine a fair price.”

eBay Launches My Gadgets

I’ve just started to curate my collection on My Gadgets, and I am almost embarrassed by the total; I think it might behoove me to sell some of my “stuff”. =/

You can check out the value of your collection by going to My Gadgets.

Do you think that seeing a monetary amount tied to your gadget collection might encourage you to hold on to less and let go of some of your older gadgets — even if only to buy some new ones?

Enter your gadgets, share your total, and then let me know if you feel the need to lighten your hoard. =)

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