Supertooth Disco Twin Speakers Review

Supertooth Disco Twin Speakers Review

Supertooth Disco Twin Bluetooth Speakers have a rich, deep sound, great battery life, and a sleek design. Looking for a powerful and portable system? The Supertooth Disco Twin set is only $199 and worth every penny. 

I owe the world of music an apology. See, for years I’ve blown off having good speakers around, because I hardly listen to music outside of my car. And my hearing isn’t the best, so I’ve always felt like I didn’t need decent speakers around. But now I’m testing the Supertooth Twin Speakers, and from the moment I fired them up to review I knew my attitude regarding speakers was very, very wrong.

Before we get to that, though, there’s the setup for the speakers. If you’ve ever set up a Bluetooth headset or speaker before, you know how it works. Set the speaker in pairing mode, check the Bluetooth settings on your phone, and pair them together. Once you’ve paired your device to the Master Left speaker, you can turn on the other speaker. At that point the speakers are connected wirelessly to your phone and to each other. Amusingly, both speakers say hello and goodbye when turned on and off, which struck me as quite polite!

Now, here’s the part where I owe the music world an apology. See, I fired up Pandora like always, and I had the left and right speakers on opposite sides of my bedroom. The sound that came out of these speakers was amazing. I had no idea that music could sound that good! It was rich and full, and I felt like I did when I turned on my HDTV for the first time — like there was a whole world of detail I’d been missing by sticking with old, muddled speakers and headphones. In addition, these speakers project incredibly well. I was all over the second floor, as well as into my attic, and I could still hear the music going. Obviously it wasn’t as clear and loud in the attic, especially at the farthest end from my bedroom, but it was definitely loud enough to carry there. And across our second floor, which, granted, is only two rooms, it sounded fantastic.

Supertooth Disco Twin Speakers Review

The range between the two speakers is remarkable. I took the right (non-master) speaker with me around the whole house, and it only dropped the music for a brief moment down in the far end of the basement. However, you don’t want to wander around with half the speaker set all the time, as you also get half the fullness. The speakers take full advantage of the interplay between left side/right side, so just one speaker alone sounds a bit imbalanced. However, it does prove that if you need to cover a large area, these speakers will stay wirelessly connected.

Supertooth Disco Twin Speakers Review

The speakers connect to each other automatically, and as I said, they greet you with a “HELLO” and “GOODBYE” when they power on and off. You do need to power on each speaker individually, but once you turn off the Master speaker they both turn off. What’s really great is that these speakers can run on battery power or plugged in. The company says they can handle 3-4 hours on high volume or 10 hours on a more moderate level (but what’s the fun in it if you can’t make the windows vibrate?). And if you don’t have a Bluetooth-compatible device, or don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, the company thoughtfully includes 3.5mm jack/jack cords for use via either speaker.

All the technical aspects of these speakers are quite impressive; wireless, Bluetooth, up to 10hrs of battery life…but what really matters is how they sound, and as I said, they sound fantastic. I have a Pandora station that I’ve refined carefully with thumbs up/thumbs down to just play music I really like, which basically means it just plays ska and pop-punk. The extra instruments like horn and string sections absolutely POPPED through these speakers and gave me a whole new appreciation for the complexity of the songs. I can’t say enough good things about how great they sounded, except to urge you to go out and try them for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

MSRP: $199 at the Supertooth Store

What I Like: Powerful, rich sound; good battery life and fast recharging time; comes with 3.5mm jack adapters as well as carrying cases; speakers automatically connect and communicate with each other.

What Needs Improvement: Would be nice if there were one carrying case to hold both speakers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. The chart seems to show a maximum 10 meters of separation between the speakers; is that the same maximum distance between the speakers and the device?

  2. Shalisa Walker | September 17, 2013 at 11:09 pm |

    I’ve always preferred ear buds for my music listening experience. But a set of speakers that allow the horns & strings to pop in a song sounds nice. That would be great for family gatherings and when I just want to blast my music.

  3. These sound like something I could really use. There are times I don’t want to use my headphones or ear buds to listen to my iPod, but right now that’s my only option.

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