Google Completes QuickOffice Assimilation, and It’s Now Free


In June of 2012, Google picked up Quick Office and for the longest time, didn’t do anything with it. Today Google has pushed out a brand new version of Quick Office completing the assimilation of this office suite.  They have added the ability to save work to Google Drive as well; it’s also now free to download for all.

Google has made some significant changes to the mobile office suite they picked up over a year ago.  Namely, a brand new look for the application and the ability to use your Google Drive storage. You can also view Google Drive documents.  I found that you could not edit these documents – so if you want to use Quick Office, you are better off using it for Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

You also don’t have to use Google Drive for creating and editing documents if you don’t store your documents in the cloud. The best part is the price; it is now free, so all Android users can have a pretty decent office suite right on their phone or tablet.

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  1. You can’t edit Google Drive docs, but you get more G-Drive space to store those docs…This seems like an oversight somehow.

  2. After March 31, 2014, all the cloud features will be unavailable aside from Google Drive , so no dropbox, box, evernote, sugarsync and such integration.

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