Gold Plated HTC One is Rare, Costly, and Pretty Ugly

Gold Plated HTC One is Rare, Costly, and Pretty Ugly

If you thought the gold iPhone was a bit much, then you might want to avert your eyes from the 18K shine coming off of the £2,750 Gold HTC One that is one of only five. This is the most exclusive and expensive HTC ever, and chances are you won’t ever see one in person. Good thing? See more here.

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  • Gold may not be your thing – it’s not mine either, personally – but ugly? Come on now, that’s just being mean. 🙂

    • Says my friend who works at HTC! 😉

      Jason, you know that I like my bling, but this is ugly. Make it in matte silver, and we will talk. =D

    • OMG when did Jason become a tool for THE MAN! 😀

      • He’s worked for HTC for a couple of years, but he’s nobody’s tool! =)