Tough It Out with the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C

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If you are looking to protect your iPhone 5C without putting it into a huge bulky case, then you’ll want to check out the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C. Built to keep your colorful iPhone safe, it offers triple protection for the phone’s ever-vulnerable corners. It will be available in black and lime for just $34.99. Learn more here.

As TYLT explains:

TYLT RUGGD is structurally and aesthetically designed for active lifestyles. The inner liner design is micro energy absorbing cushions. The tough outer shell provides a rigid exterior armor.


The company triple reinforced the corners on the TYLT RUGGD, so they are as protected as possible while not hiding the phone in a boxy case. As they put it,

The design is centered upon impact distribution, shock absorption and to look more awesome than any other smartphone case on the planet.

TYLT is especially proud of the material they selected for the case. It is made from premium vulcanized copolymer. Don’t worry if that doesn’t mean anything to you; it didn’t to me either, but apparently it is commonly used in spacecraft and jet planes. The company knew “vulcanized copolymer” would be meaningless to many of us. That’s why they went so far as to include a disclaimer stating, “yes it’s real, and no, we didn’t make it up. Google it!”. Cute!


The package contains the case and only the case, but TYLT also sells a specialized 3-pack of ALIN screen protectors that come packaged with an alignment tool to help get the screen protector properly placed the first time. I do wish the company saw fit to include at least one screen protector with the RUGGD, since this is advertised as a highly protective case. Still, the case is under $35, and it is increasingly common to find cases in this price range that don’t come with any “extras”.

You can learn more about the TYLT RUGGD and pre-order yours here on the TYLT website.

MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: Offers extra protection for the corners of the iPhone 5C; Not all that bulky; Looks kinda cool

What Needs Improvement: No included screen protector

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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