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February 13, 2014 • News

BlackBerry Aspires to Be the Porsche of Smartphones


Interesting quote of the day from BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who is quoted as implying that apps don’t matter, that BlackBerry could be the Porsche of smartphones. Does history teach people anything? Perhaps I’ve been dozing the past two years as BlackBerry market share has completely nose-dived – largely due to a lack of applications.

First there was the cringe worthy BlackBerry YouTube (which seems to have since been pulled) of BlackBerry’s Vice President Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development Alec Saunders begging developers to, well, develop apps for BlackBerry. ┬áThat strategy pretty much tanked badly.

Now let’s presume for a minute that smartphone owners don’t care about applications on smartphones and they largely want keyboards (a trend by the way completely disproved by all market statistics).

This trend would have to start as contracts ended, smartphone buyers would have to completely abandon their Android or iOS applications in favor of an operating system with scant native apps that has a keyboard and arguably better security.

Here’s a better video expressing my thoughts on that ever happening.

2 Responses to " BlackBerry Aspires to Be the Porsche of Smartphones "

  1. I suspect the “apps don’t matter” comment in context would relate to the Apple app graveyard of useless games and tools. Non-productivity apps are not in BB’s ecosystem plan.

  2. Travis Ebel says:

    Like a Porsche as in: you don’t know anyone who actually owns one. Lol

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