Meet Emberlight – The Device that Turns Any Light into a Smart Light

In your quest to make the entire home “smart,” check out emberlight. Emberlight is a brand new device that allows you to turn even your most boring light fixture into a smart light fixture. Emberlight will automatically turn the light on when you walk into the room and connects to your existing WiFi network. Check out the emberlight Kickstarter campaign.


The emberlight device can be screwed into almost any light fixture in your home and can accept almost any dimmable LED, CFL, or incandescent light bulb.  Once screwed in, you download the app, connect the device to your existing WiFi network, and connect your device.  It’s simple, and appears very easy to use.

You can program the emberlight to automatically turn the light on when you walk into your room with your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone.  You can also program the emberlight to turn on, dimmed to a low setting, when your phone alarm goes off, allowing you to wake up to a sunrise-like sensation.  You can even remotely turn your light on and off when you’re away from home and link multiple emberlights so that they all turn on or off with one click from your mobile app.

If you’re interested in home automation or making your home more “smart,” you’ve got to check out the emberlight Kickstarter campaign, where you can pledge as low as $89 to become one of the first people to receive two emberlight devices of your very own.  You can also pledge $49 if you only want one emberlight.

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