The Sony Xperia Z2 Case Offerings from Spigen Are Going Back

I’ve long been a fan of Spigen’s various products. They make excellent cases and screen protectors and have slowly been expanding into other accessory lines. That’s why I was excited to purchase a Sony Xperia Z2 case from them. (Three cases actually.) Sadly I’m returning all three cases. Each is a quality case but each has the same fatal flaw.Let’s take a look at each of the cases and then, in the vide, I’ll go into some detail with regard to the “fatal flaw.”

Sony Xperia Z2 Case

Spigen Xperia Z2 Case Ultra Fit

The Ultra Fit is a thin, light shell that snaps onto your Sony Xperia Z2 and offers excellent scratch protection. It doesn’t offer much in the way of drop protection. The corners of the phone are covered but the case is so thin and light that I don’t recommend it for those who are prone to dropping phones on concrete.



I appreciate the fact that the case ships with one of the company’s Ultra Crystal screen protectors. Since the screen protector carries a $13.99 MSRP the case, which has an MSRP of $14.99, is just a dollar more. If you want to spend even less you can get it [Affiliate Link] here for just $10.99. (Think of it as getting the screen protector for $3 less than MSRP and the case for free!!)



  • Premium Polycarbonate with Urethane Coating: prevents discoloration
  • Open Design: Easy access with large opening for ports
  • Slim, form-fitted and lightweight with natural grip
  • Full Protection Set: The package includes Steinheil Full HD Clear Screen Protector
  • Compatible with Sony Xperia Z2

In order to match the color choices of the Xperia Z2 the Ultra Fit cases come in white, black or purple. If you like a thin, light snapon shell this case might be exactly the case for you. I know I would love it not for that one fatal flaw. See more here.

Spigen Xperia Z2 Case Ultra Hybrid

The Ultra Hybrid also carries an MSRP of $14.99 but you can save a dollar in our Amazon Affiliate Store. As its name suggests the Ultra Hybrid combines two materials so you get rigid protection AND shock protection. Yes, by bringing TPU and polycarbonate together Spigen has created an inexpensive case that protects the Z2 while not hiding its great looks.


  • Clear Hard Back Panel + Flexible Edge = Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection
  • Absorbs shock for superior protection
  • Scratch-Free Design: The lips on both front and back protect the screen and the back panel from scratches
  • Extreme Drop Protection – Air Cushion Technology Corners
  • Compatible with Sony Xperia Z2

Like the Spigen Ultra Fit for the Sony Xperia Z2 the Ultra Hybrid comes with an Ultra Crystal screen protector. That makes it a great deal and, were it not for the one fatal flaw, I would highly recommend the case.

So what is the fatal flaw in Spigen’s Sony Xperia Z2 case lineup? Let me show you on video…

Spigen Sony Xperia Z2 Case Fatal Flaws

Yes, when a case won’t work with one of the key features of a device it is pretty much useless. If you have a Sony Xperia Z2 and like to use the microUSB charging port these cases are an excellent value and are worth a look. If, however, you charge your phone the way I do neither one will be the Sony Xperia Z2 case for you!

Source: Personal purchase that was returned

What I Like: Great value; Thin, light and nice protection; Come with screen protector

What Needs Improvement: Nothing other than the fatal flaw demonstrated in the video review

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10 Comments on "The Sony Xperia Z2 Case Offerings from Spigen Are Going Back"

  1. To be frank, most of the “tough” or “shell/bumper type cases from the grand name companies don’t account for the charging port – CaseMate doesn’t, and neither do most of the reputable brands (IIRC, Ringke didn’t either with their Z1 bumper).

    Only the no-name companies (or the Bugdroid guys) seem to bother leaving the magnetic connector open. I don’t know why they don’t do it – I guess they figure it’s easier to leave the area covered, and that customers will buy the case and then take the time to keep pulling them off and on.

  2. Brand name, even. Damned autocorrect.

    • That’s a good point but these are thin and fairly light cases with plenty of cutouts. There’s absolutely no reason not to and, if you do take this approach it is important to do more than simply stick on a small warning in the corner of the box that isn’t even completely accurate.

      As for Casemate- I truly wish they were still a brand name. They used to offer excellent product…

  3. I’ve yet to see any CaseMate products that weren’t for a Samsung Galaxy S4/5 or iPhone in North America since 2011.

    And as I said, pretty much no brand-name manufacturer seems to want to make that cutout for the Sony Z1/Z2 magnetic adaptor. NONE of them want to make the effort… and for the life of me, I can’t understand why people keep buying those cases, unless they don’t care about the waterproofing and the seals on the Xperia Z phones. Spigen is okay about taking customer feedback… sometimes. But then you get situations like the LG G2, where they only offered the Slim Armor with slippery plastic and nothing else. Even after the phone became surprisingly popular.

    Basically, it seems that nobody but Sony (or the cheap Chinese knockoff manufacturers) care about selling a case that actually takes advantage of the charging port. And the bulk of the customer base is either apathetic enough, or ignorant enough, to keep buying those incomplete products.

    • Incomplete is a PERFECT description.

      • Buying a waterproof phone and wearing out the waterproof part is like buying a winter jacket and leaving it unzipped while walking out into a snowstorm. Seriously, I’ve looked at these phones for ages… and outside of Cruzerlite or the ultra-cheap cases from no-name factories, it’s like nobody knows the Z1 or Z2 have those charging ports. Or SD card slots – that’s usually the other missing port. XDA has 20+ page threads of people looking for cases with the opening for the port… or using Xacto knives or Dremel tools to make one.

        By the way, speaking of the charging port, think you might end up reviewing the Deff Magnetic Charging micro USB adapter? I’ve seen them on Amazon now, as well as

        • I have it. Use it. Love it. And will have a lightning review up tomorrow. 🙂

          • It’s better than the magnetic cable built into the DK3p
            0/31/32 docks IMO. And it’s not half baked, unlike some cases I could name.

            Do you find that it can fall off the Z2 if the cable you use with it is too heavy? I’m thinking of the Palm WebOS cable that I have for the HP Touchpad.

  4. Speaking of the Cruzerlite case, have you checked it out?

    I’ve had two Cruzerlite cases so far; the fit and cutouts are pretty damned near perfect on both. And the Z2 version has the magnetic charging cutout too… but, like the Spigen covers the microSD port. It’s not perfect, but it has a good grip and comes in several colours… including clear.

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